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Soundproof Walls


SPW project aims to develop soundproof walls that are more efficient and cheaper than the ones available on the market. For this we need to study the feasibility of MG wall innovation, which will include a) technical feasibility tests, b) economic feasibility studies, c) business plan.
The most important novelty of the project is the improved efficiency and the lower price – compared to the solutions available.
According to a report by the EU Commission, 80 million people are endangered by continuous noise pollution higher than 65 decibels in Europe. Budapest is the third noisiest city in Europe after Sofia and Barcelona.
More than 10% of the European population have to bear the noise level that researchers and healthcare professionals regard as unacceptable. At this high level of noise, most people become tense, they will have sleeping disorder, with adverse health effects (increased risk of heart attack, neurodegeneration).
Our business model is focusing on the
1) mass production of MG soundproof wall
2) utilizing of the patent at European or world level.
There are two ways to produce the soundproof wall of our project:
1) in the form of bricks compressed on high pressure
2) in the form of rammed walls.
The composition of materials for the two types of wall are very similar. Choice is made according to the conditions of use, considering which version is more economical for the particular case.
Our company expects to earn an average profit of 250,000 EUR per year between 2022-27 on the production of soundproof brick and walls and the utilization of the patent. During the implementation, we need to finalize, tests and validate and improve the current first-generation small scale prototype. Our business concept puts this into a two-year project, with the estimated cost of 2.2 million euros. The return on investment will be less than 10 years after entering the market.

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