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From heat to cold with THEAC-25®, the Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter.


Due to climate change, space and process cooling is becoming the worldwide problem of the near future. With the raising of the average temperature, active air-conditioned cooling is needed throughout the year leading to high costs on electric power consumption (over 30% of the global electric power consumption in Europe, which means €27 billions), on maintenance for compressors as well as on the use of polluting refrigerants and its registration expenses. SOUNDENERGY BV introduces a breakthrough technology that brings a fundamental change in cooling buildings without using electricity or gas. Our company, based in The Netherlands, have a multidisciplinary team, with a well-known world leader researcher of Thermal Acoustics. Currently, we are developing the second generation of THEAC-25®converting heat into cold by using thermo acoustic technology. Our focus is to be able to provide climate control of buildings and industrial processes with zero CO2 emissions, saving 50% in energy consumption, which means between 5,000 - 20,000 kg of CO2 emissions/yearly reductions. The first version of THEAC-25® has been tested with some launching customers such as SENZORA BV. Pilot testing of the second generation of THEAC-25® with potential customers, will be contemplated as part of our commercialisation strategy. CE marking and FDA approval is sought to be able to commercialise on a global scale. SOUNDENERGY will follow a B2B approach to efficiently deliver climate cooling for industrial waste recovery as first target market (€600-700 M). Once we gain traction and market position we will focus on the space cooling for residential and non-residential buildings (€1.27B). We will be able to reach an addressable market size for waste heat recovery only in Europe of over €10M in 2021. Over 2,000 units of THEAC-25® and €40M sales projection has been estimated for the fourth year of commercialization (price €20k/per unit in Y4), with a ROI of 11.16

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