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Digital Cancer Diagnosis Platform


Chromition have developed innovative and disruptive digital cancer diagnostic platform. The platform uses Chromition’s innovative Luminspheres™ nanotechnology combined with spatial pattern recognition software to diagnose cancer.

Luminspheres™ are multicoloured fluorescent nanoparticles that are prepared from carbon-based precursors in water at low temperature using our proprietary and environmentally considerate process.

Luminspheres™ bioimaging probes when tethered to biological molecules of interest provide sensitive and non-invasive insight into biological processes and interactions with minimal impact on the system under investigation.

Chromition are working with the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), using the Luminspheres™-antibody biomarker conjugates to stain tissue samples. The tissue samples are then analysed by Chromition’s digital platform, which is able to analyse multiple biomarkers in a short space of time using bespoke spatial pattern recognition software.

Chromition will use Luminspheres™ in Immunohistochemical Staining (IHC) to rapidly identify multiple biomarkers in a single image. The image will then be analysed by innovative software that facilitates fast and autonomous analysis of multiple samples across a clinical cohort.

The development of this technology will enable the identification and analysis of multiple biomarkers at a speed not currently possible using existing technology and relying on human sight.

The success of this project has the potential to transform the way clinical pathology is practiced.

In this project the platform will be used to identify multiple cancer biomarkers in tissue samples from women with endometrial cancers.

Utilising the Chromition method firstly for the identification of endometrial cancers, and using the results to tailor medical intervention, will have a significant impact on the cancer burden for women in the EU and globally.

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