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Revolutionizing the Utilization of compound Semiconductor Technology


Emerging technologies such as high resolution displays, 5G communications and self-driving cars are changing the playing field in terms of hardware requirements. This creates pressure on the semiconductor industry to provide higher performance components with minimal power consumption. High-speed and high-efficiency materials in the form of compound semiconductors could provide the answer however their manufacturing is extremely complicated. Problems with oxidation during manufacturing decreases their real-life performance and lowers the manufacturing yield. Comptek Solutions solves the biggest problem associated with manufacturing compound semiconductors. It has patented a radically distinctive approach that eliminates the oxidation problem during manufacturing leading to a 98% improvement in the surface quality. The result is a manufacturing process that enables to produce bleeding-edge technologies such as Micro LEDs on scale making them available for consumer products. To commercialize the technology, Comptek is initially focusing on the Optoelectronics market estimated to be worth €58 billion by 2023. First applications are seen in the Micro LED segment which is projected to grow 400% in 2019-2022. Comptek has already made significant progress in that field demonstrating a 4-fold increase in the efficiency of Micro LEDs during testing with an industry partner. The company is led by an all-star founding team boasting a mix of business and R&D experience. The team has been able to raise nearly €1 million and reached pilot agreements with notable partners in the field. The given project is required to validate the performance of the technology on device level with an industry leading VR/AR headset manufacturer. This will be the final critical step before scaling the technology to a commercially available solution. For end-stage product development, Comptek is already negotiating its next funding round with industry partners on board looking to apply the technology

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