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An integrated decision-making platform for the prediction, prevention and extinction of wildfires in real-time.


Wildfires have severe impacts on society, the environment and on human lives. They destroy 400,000 ha/yr. on average, mainly in Mediterranean countries, costing around €400M/yr. and causing more than 100 deaths in a single year. In spite of the technological advances of the recent decades, local authorities, institutions and the forestry sector still need timely and reliable solutions that provide real-time monitoring, prevention and risk assessment of wildfires. SAFETY FOREST is a disruptive platform for decision-making in preventing, predicting and extinguish wildfires in real time. It manages all variables needed through combination of pre-processed remote sensing data, cloud computing, machine learning and modelling tools. SAFETY FOREST intuitive interface will enable to promptly act integrating multiple data sources and big data analytics making it disruptive platform for public and private forest managers. Technically we seek the feasibility of the integrated platform while commercially we look forward to engage international stakeholders to launch SAFETY FOREST to the EU market. Risk monitoring is a critical task to reach the main goals (EU forest strategy 2030) and to prevent the high impact related to wildfires. The downstream chain of the earth observation data is a huge opportunity to develop value-added solutions to multiple business. SAFETY FOREST model is based on sales of licenses through our e-commerce web, perfectly aligned with VERMON core business. Our customers and forest associations will act as channels and help us raise awareness and disseminate our product. Other main activities that can integrate SAFETY FOREST are spatial data research and information system development which will create new market opportunities.

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