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A Decision-making Tool for Fully Exploiting Big Bio-Data


The huge amount of information (big data) originated in life science experiments, together with the highly increasing number of Bioinformatics software tools to extract knowledge from that unstructured data present serious difficulties for the scientific community to digest and extract conclusions from them.
Additionally, the lack of IT technical knowledge to install, run and integrate the different tools in the required, repeatable “pipelines” and the expensive high-performance computational resources required for such amount of data and complex software ecosystem is not always at hand of smaller organisations.
OmicX is a French startup fully dedicated to OMICpro project, invested by private equity and business angels, with 35 employees highly qualified in Bioinformatics and data science.
As the first product and the basis of OMICpro project, OMICtools (the most important Bioinformatics ontology database worldwide) has 10,000+ subscribers.
Next developments in OMICpro consist of an integrated web-interface/AI/big-data/cloud framework for:
- Bioinformatics tool identification and selection (OMICtools)
- Optimal pipeline recommendation for any given biologically-related question (OMICpipes)
- Super-computing environment (OMICloud)
to accelerate and simplify the research process through biological data analysis and interpretation
This will help research organisations to:
- Reduce research & Simulation time (6 person-month/project)
- Advice on robust pipeline design and optimisation
- Unlimited computing power for complex pipelines
- Avoid IT technical knowledge requirements
For our company, we will become the global reference in bioinformatics data analysis (80% global research), export knowledge to other industries and have unique assets of Big Bio Data + AI/machine learning + Cloud applied to biology.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 50 000