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The trusted solution for issuing certified documents to the blockchain, checkable in just a click


Like in many other sectors, fraud in the recruitment industry is estimated to play part in more than a third of employment applications. In a world where all parties can no longer trust each other, the whole system is being undermined. Trust is thus an essential but complicated concept to build, which remains fragile to maintain, and so easy to destroy. To tackle above mentioned challenges, we have developed Smart Certificate™, a secure platform to generate and share any kind of certified document and make its verification accessible online with one click. Our core innovation lies on the patented method and security architecture about how to create, share and check any kind of certified documents safely. From the personal data privacy point of view, institution, wanting to verify credential for recipient, needs first authorization from the person. This is a key issue proven by the market, where our platform solves it in the smartest way: by generating the credentials at the source and provide them with easy to use service directly to graduates and citizens. We foresee our closest benchmark for our entry market value proposition as a sub segment of education technology - the Learning Management Systems (LMS) market. The LMS market is expected to grow from €4.3 Billion in 2016 to €12.9 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 24.7%. CV Trust was launched in 2010. We are an international team of seasoned entrepreneurs with validated vision to create a true label of trust for the education world, job market and beyond. We have already serviced over 70 customers in the education sector. Upon completion of the project, we expect to reach project ROI of 9.79 by 2025.

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 50 000