CORDIS - EU research results

Unleash the potential of CSAs results to contribute to sustainable and competitive Bio-Based Industries in Europe


LIFT Online Library

This deliverable will consist of the online library to make available the knowledge analysed in T2.1 and the assets produced by the project

Project’s Stationary

Project’s branding and stationary including brand’s manual

Minutes from final meeting

This deliverable synthesise the final Meeting of the Project.

Electronic newsletters

This deliverable reports the production and dispatch of the newsletters created during the project

Gaps analysis report with recommendations

Report on the results of Task 2.2 (gaps analysis). To determine gaps in the CSA programming to date and opportunities for future CSA topics the report will compare long-term objectives of the bio-based industry for each topical category with Task 2.1 findings

Report on Network of stakeholders setup and mobilisation

This deliverable will report the strategies and methodology adopted for the stakeholders selection, motivation, engagement and mobilization

Report on the synergies and exchange of experience established with other initiatives

This deliverable will report on the liaison activities with identified networks and initiatives

A set of LIFT fact sheets (one per topical category) with Actionable Knowledge

A series of up to 10 fact sheets, one per topical category, (a) presenting the main findings of the CSAs relevant to the category; (b) identifying the main challenges, opportunities and barriers per topical category; (c) describing the gaps to be addressed, based on the gap analysis of Task T2.2 and the outcomes of LIFT’s thematic MML workshops (Task 3.3)

Project website

Report on the project’s website structure

Outcomes of the Quadruple Helix Stakeholders Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshops

This deliverable will report the Mobilisation and Mutual Learning workshops (MMLs) outcomes

Synthesis of key results and findings of CSA projects

Report integrating and aggregating the results of Task 2.1. It will include an inventory and classification of bioeconomy CSAs, and of their most relevant public outputs. It will assess, combine and synthesise key results and findings of the (three most relevant) CSAs per topical category. Where possible, it will indicate how (still active) CSAs could work together and build on each other’s strengths (interlinking CSAs)

Recommendations for the creation of a coherent and stimulating environment for the Bioeconomy

This deliverable will collect the recommendations and suggestions for future programming activities in the field of bio-based industries

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