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TURNKEY solution for home RETROFITting

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TURNKEY RETROFIT (TURNKEY solution for home RETROFITting)

Reporting period: 2019-06-01 to 2020-11-30

Today, only 11% of the EU existing building stock undergoes some level of renovation each year. However, very rarely, renovation works address energy performance of buildings. Across the EU, deep renovations that reduce energy consumption by at least 60% are carried out only in 0.2% of the building stock per year and in some regions, energy renovation rates are virtually absent.
For homeowners and real estate investors, the renovation process can be complicated, shaped by the ambiguity of the interventions to implement, combined with a lack of knowledge on existing solutions, as well as a lack of services to coordinate all required market actors involved in the renovation process. This often results in lengthy, time consuming and disruptive renovation processes for both occupants and neighbours (e.g. noise, dust, need to move out, etc.). Low qualification of many building professionals and unattractiveness of the overall energy renovation process are among the reasons why the renovation rate continues to linger around 1% and private investments remain limited. Achieving the full market potential of renovation calls for a paradigm shift, where both a more service oriented supply-side and a deeper awareness on the demand-side play key roles, and where market offers go beyond energy performance to include a wider range of home improvement and support services. Such an approach will result in less-intrusive, better coordinated, more efficient and more attractive interventions.

To tackle these challenges, the overall objective of TURNKEY RETROFIT is to create an integrated home renovation and improvement service which will be operated in France, Ireland and Spain by the end of 2022.
The TURNKEY RETROFIT service is being developed as a home-owner-centric renovation journey, which will transform the complex and fragmented renovation process into a simple, straightforward and attractive process for the home-owner. It will include the initial technical and behavioural diagnosis, technical offer, contract development and agreement, structuring and provision of financial support, as well as the on-site coordination of works and quality assurance. It is designed as a service-oriented model where the home-owner is offered tailor-made solutions through the whole customer journey.
In order to define the business model of the TURNKEY RETROFIT service in France, Ireland and Spain, a market and PESTLE analysis of the environment in which this service will be offered, with the aim to identify, analyse and understand the external factors that could affect its performance was performed.

The TURNKEY RETROFIT project launched in December 2020 its one-stop-shop for energy renovation of buildings called Solutions4renovation ( Designed to ease the renovation journey for homeowners, the digital platform is now operational in France and Spain, and the forthcoming version of this new EU-funded one-stop-shop will be available in Ireland.
To meet homeowners expectations, Solutions4Renovation offers:
• Information about their homes and the retrofitting process
• Identification of potential works needed to improve building energy efficiency
• Contacts with providers and installers and contracting of works
• Structuring and provision of financial incentives: homeowners are informed about the most appropriate available financing opportunities
• Monitoring of works and quality assurance: guidelines to ensure quality control, quality assurance and integration of subcontractors.

In France, the platform is linked to the French service HEERO, run by EP, which connects homeowners with more than 12.000 craftsmen. The Spanish version of Solutions4Renovation is linked to the service ReformAnerr. The service addresses drivers of building renovation that go beyond a desire to reduce energy bills, such as home improvement, increased comfort, enhanced health & quality of life.

Instruments for evaluating and validating the TURNKEY RETROFIT service (i.e. surveys for homeowners, semi-structured interviews for Local Implementation Group members) were provided. The approach adopted integrates an evaluation of the quality of the service in terms of the quality of the technical refurbishment as well as the quality of the customer relationship all along the renovation process. It also includes a calculation and evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including uptake of home renovation at local level, corresponding investments in energy improvements, and primary energy savings triggered
To tackle the above challenges and leveraging on the business operations of consortium partners (4000 integrated building renovations conducted to date), TURNKEY RETROFIT will develop and replicate an integrated home renovation service which will be initially operated in 3 EU countries - France, Ireland and Spain - with an expected 335M€ investment pipeline for home renovation within the first 5 years (approximately 14 700 dwellings renovated, leading to 96,6 GWh/year Primary energy savings triggered) beyond the end of the project. The project will point to further replication across Europe and Internationally in particular via the Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network.

In addition to the above impacts , TURNKEY RETROFIT also intends to generate a substantial impact on market stakeholders (professionals) with increased skills / capability / competencies on energy issues through the creation of the TURNKEY RETROFIT market actors’ community and their involvement in the integrated service. Through different channels and meetings, the project will increase stakeholders’ interest in integrated renovation services, as well as their knowledge of financial, technical and behavioural aspects.
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