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Increases biomass production and soil organic carbon stocks with innovative cropping systems under climate change

Project description

Novel cropping systems to protect organic carbon in soil

Soil organic carbon (SOC) is a vital component of soil that plays a critical role in maintaining agricultural sustainability and in potentially mitigating climate change. Unfortunately, traditional intensive cultivation methods have significantly reduced SOC levels in the soil. The EU-funded InBPSOC project aims to develop innovative cropping systems that will protect and increase SOC stocks while increasing biomass production. To achieve this, it will conduct ongoing long-term unique field experiments to investigate the effects and driving mechanisms of innovative cropping systems on biomass production and SOC stocks. The project’s results will serve as a guide for future policies and contribute to the development of sustainable cropping systems for farmers.


Net EU contribution
€ 219 312,00
Nordre Ringgade 1
8000 Aarhus C

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Danmark Midtjylland Østjylland
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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