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Support to the Realisation of the Ocean Energy Implementation Plan of the SET-Plan

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Supporting the ocean energy sector

The European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan aims to promote research and innovation efforts by supporting new technologies that will help achieve the EU’s transformation to a low-carbon energy system. Within this framework, the SET implementation plan (IP) for ocean energy was adopted by the Implementation Working Group (IWG). The EU-funded OceanSET project will assist the IWG in their work to deliver on the targets set in the IP. The project will facilitate the implementation of the technology development actions. It will further promote knowledge sharing with stakeholders in the ocean energy sector and investigate collaborative funding mechanisms between Member States and regions.


The SET Implementation Plan for Ocean Energy (IP) was adopted by the SET-Plan Steering Committee on the 21st of March 2018. The IP was prepared by a Temporary Working Group, with representatives from the European Commission, Member States and other stakeholders. For the execution of the IP, the TWG has evolved to assume the role of the Implementation Working Group (IWG).

Support for the OE sector to date has focused on the development of research and roadmaps which have set out the aspirations of wave and tidal sector. The principle of the IP is to transform those aspirations into operational actions. The actions listed within the IP are primarily based upon the Ocean Energy Strategic Roadmap, which has been agreed by the EC, MS, Regions, stakeholders and the wider ocean energy sector.

The ambition of the IP is to outline a structured approach that will enable wave and tidal technologies to follow a credible development path, with the ultimate destination of a commercially viable products and industry. The target timescale presented in the IP is 2025 for tidal technologies and 2030 for wave technologies.

OceanSET will assist the IWG to continue their work to deliver on the targets set in the IP. In particular OceanSET will focus on assessing the progress of the ocean energy sector and will monitor the National and EU funded projects in delivering successful supports. Relevant data will be collected annually and will be used to inform MS and EU Commission on progress of the sector, it will also be used to review what works and what doesn’t and to assess how to maximise the benefit of the funding streams provided across the MS, Regions and the EC.

The partners on this project include representatives from Ireland (SEAI), UK (WES, University of Edinburgh), France (FEM), Portugal (DGEG), Spain (EVE, PLOCAN), Italy (ENEA) and from the industry (OEE). The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) will be lead partner on the project.

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