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Appraising and accelerating theoretical progress in memory modification research with meta-science, Bayesian statistics, and an open-collaborative approach.

Project description

Memory modification processes with Bayesian statistics

The focus of psychology and neuroscience is on understanding the processes of memory formation, leading to novel cognitive therapies and interventions based on memory modifications. However, theoretical studies in this field currently lack a much-needed reliability and have a low-level of diagnosticity. The predominant use of frequentist statistics limits informative statistical inferences. The EU-funded AAT project will support an individual fellowship in the systematic appraisal of the memory modification study with the use of Bayesian statistics based on open science rules to achieve the best theoretical progress. A training in transferable, methodological skills and strong collaboration with European experts will help the scientist obtain expertise in areas intersecting experimental psychology and meta-research.


This fellowship will involve appraising and accelerating theoretical progress in memory modification research with Bayesian statistics, collaboration, and open science. I have proposed an ambitious and innovative research agenda that complements my existing knowledge and skillset (memory modification, meta-science, open science) with the expertise of my prospective supervisor (Bayesian statistics, open science, collaborative science). Theoretical progress in the field of memory modification has stalled due to problems with the credibility of the published literature. Issues include small sample sizes, a lack of transparency, and low theoretical diagnosticity. Additionally, the predominant use of frequentist statistics limits opportunities for informative statistical inferences, particularly quantifying evidence for the null hypothesis. The proposed research will involve a systematic appraisal of the memory modification field using Bayesian statistics and a consortium project based on open science principles to accelerate theoretical progress. The procedures developed could be usefully extended to other research areas through collaboration with domain experts. This research agenda will provide me with ample training opportunities to develop a strong repertoire of statistical, methodological, and transferable skills. I will be in an excellent position to enrich my unique research portfolio and publish research outputs in high quality open access outlets. The mobility and reintegration aspects of the fellowship will be especially beneficial in helping me to consolidate existing European collaborations and develop new professional relationships in the Netherlands’ burgeoning meta-science network. In sum, the fellowship will provide me with the training and opportunities I need to lay the foundations of my career as an independent scientist, eventually leading my own European research group at the intersection of experimental psychology and meta-research.


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€ 175 572,48