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Examining the use of Metamaterials for acoustic applications

Project description

Sounding the call: sound-shaping devices based on acoustic metamaterials are on the horizon

Metamaterials, from the Greek ‘meta’ meaning after or beyond, are an emerging class of functional materials with exotic and unexpected behaviours not seen in nature. Much of the current research targets unique patterns and structures on the subwavelength scale that can be used to create novel interactions with electromagnetic energy. The EU-funded Metasonics project is supporting the start-up by the same name and its MetaSonics technology harnessing metamaterials to shape, direct and focus sound waves in real time. The project aims to create prototypes of MetaSonics devices and develop a path to marketing and commercialisation.


MetaSonics is an acoustic metamaterial technology that shapes sound (and ultrasound) fields. Our solution is to build an adjustable device that transforms an input acoustic wave into a time-variable, user-defined acoustic field. MetaSonics comprises of a surface made of electronically adjustable acoustic metamaterial bricks. Each brick in the surface can individually vary the phase of an incident acoustic field in order to shape the complex output field.
Our vision is to manipulate sound waves using advances in acoustic meta-materials to create novel interactive applications. We see an opportunity to be the world leaders in the design, manufacturing and distribution of MetaSonics a form of Spatial Sound Modulators (SSM) to shape the complex sound fields. MetaSonics has the opportunity to be ubiquitous as LCDs.

Our devices will introduce an extremely cost-effective, reconfigurable, very compact and uniquely scalable technology solution. At this stage our potential markets include all applications that require shaped sound fields. This links us to a large and diverse range of potential markets, all of which offer business opportunities.

Our focus within this PoC will be to create prototypes, develop commercial traction and develop an exploitation strategy.



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