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The Scholar, the Jurist, the Priest: Moderation on the Italian Peninsula, 1700-1750

Project description

Moderation in 18th Century Italy

As observed by the ancient Greek poet Hesiod, moderation is best in all things. Thousands of years later, our understanding of moderation was established via the fusion of classical and Christian concepts within an intellectual-religious and political-economic environment. Today, it’s a concept in crisis with the rising trends of extremism and radicalisation in Europe. The EU-funded VIAMEDIAITALICA project will provide a historical study of the moderate strata on the Italian peninsula during the Age of Enlightenment. It will establish moderation as a practice and virtue in various contexts: political, scholarly, epistemic and religious. The project will explore these through case studies based on archival research of key texts, institutions and thinkers, such as Lodovico Antonio Muratori, a theorist of moderation.


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