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A new paradigm in boosting orphan crops to super grains: Linking metabolomics and gene editing to improve Teff for global food security and sustainable agriculture

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Elucidating drought responsive networks in tef (Eragrostis tef) using phenomic and metabolomic approaches

Author(s): Aiswarya Girija; Jiwan Han; Fiona Corke; Jason Brook; John H. Doonan; Rattan Yadav; Habte Jifar; Luis A. J. Mur; Luis A. J. Mur
Published in: Physiologia Plantarum, 1, 2022, ISSN 1399-3054
Publisher: Wiley
DOI: 10.1111/ppl.13597

A phenomic-metabolomic pipeline for assessing the seed traits in the gluten free orphan cereal, Eragrostis tef

Author(s): Aiswarya Girija, Vincianne Le Bihan, Zhenyu Wang, Jiwan Han, Rattan Yadav, Luis A.J. Mur
Published in: Journal of Cereal Science, 2022, ISSN 0733-5210
Publisher: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcs.2022.103573