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A Swarm Robotics Construction System

Project description

Insect-inspired robots are tomorrow’s construction workers

Ants use teamwork to transport food to their nests and termites work together to build towering mounds. The collective intelligence of these social insects has caught the attention of computer scientists and engineers who are keen to build robotic systems with similar building behaviours. Swarm robotics is a field of robotics where scientists aim to understand and to implement this collective intelligence on a group of robots. The EU-funded SRoCS project will investigate how swarm robotics can be applied to construction. The project will use a combination of simulation and hardware to experimentally determine the extent to which the building behaviour of social insects can be realised in a swarm of self-organising robots.

Call for proposal

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Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 50
1050 Bruxelles
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 166 320