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Efficient and Stable Blue Quasi-2D Halide Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes


Within eight years, metal halide perovskite materials become a new class of semiconducting materials for optoelectronic device application. Their unique and attractive optoelectronic properties, e.g. high crystallinity, low-cost, solution processable with large area deposition, direct band gap nature, low defect density, high color purity (narrow PL emission), tunable optical bandgap, long diffusion length, and balance and high charge carrier mobility. These properties make them attractive and potential candidates for light emitting diodes (LEDs) also. The green and red emissive perovskite-based LEDs efficiency reached ~10%, which is equal to the organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) at lab scale. But still, blue emissive PeLED efficiency is lower as compared to green and red PeLEDs. The poor stability, poor charge balance, and low photoluminescent are major problems to limit blue PeLED efficinecy.
In this proposal, I aims to address these challenges and demonstrate efficient and stable blue PeLED. The research work will be organized according to the following key objectives. 1) Design of blue emissive quasi 2D perovskite material by first-principles calculation (with the support of host organization), b) Deposition of high quality and pinhole-free blue quasi 2D thin film by using various deposition method and their characterization, and c) Fabrication of efficient and stable blue emissive quasi 2D PeLED beyond state of the art, by using device engineering and device physics investigation. This project provides basic scientific knowledge of quasi 2D perovskite materials for blue emissive PeLEDs. The expected results of this project are bandgap engineering of quasi 2D perovskite materials for blue emission with good optoelectronic properties, efficient and stable blue PeLED. Also, I will learn the synthesis of quasi 2D materials from the host organization that will be improved my interdisciplinary knowledge and research skills. The efficient blue PeLED is us

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