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RenoBooster - the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna

Project description

One-stop-shop solution to protect Vienna’s old buildings

A historical European city, Vienna is home to an impressive number of century-old multi-story buildings needing constant and costly renovation. The specially tailored Smart City Framework Strategy is vital to protect these buildings. The EU-funded RenoBooster project will reinforce this effort by creating a one-stop-shop solution to help the owners of these buildings. The project will involve all key stakeholders and combines all necessary services – from consulting and banking to the technical and legal framework. It will allow testing and development of targeted packages involving new technologies, ecological and economical solutions. The result will be significant energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions and a guarantee of high quality of services.


Vienna has set itself ambitious targets in its Smart City Framework Strategy. To achieve those targets, efforts must be increased considerably. With a large share of multi-storey buildings and the highest share of large buildings from before 1919, Vienna’s building stock differs significantly from those of the other Austrian provinces and calls for specifically targeted strategies and actions.

RenoBooster – the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna proposes a tailored and timely answer to this challenge. It is the joint effort of renowned institutional, technical and social expertise led by the City of Vienna, to create an attractive offer - One-Stop-Shop - for the Viennese private home owners and their building managers built on existing services.

The project is designed as comprehensive participatory process, involving the key stakeholders in Vienna and thus laying the ground for stable local partnerships for renovation. Substantial support has already been achieved in preparation of the proposal. The project combines new consulting services, banking and finance instruments, targeted subsidies, communication formats as well as technical and legal framework conditions into integrated services. Careful market segmentation and target-group specific communication will support the development and thorough testing of a number of new packages – including topics like efficient technologies, renewable energy and energy poverty. Quality assurance to support home owners in achieving the expected energy savings will be the essential element.

In the first 5 years of the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna the new integrated services are expected to lead to an increase of the renovation rate and quality, triggering at least 110 mio € investments, 5.5 GWh/a of primary energy savings and a reduction of 1000t of CO2 emissions/a. Moreover, RenoBooster is expected to create a positive dynamic going beyond this project and stimulate further energy-efficient renovation initiatives.

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