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RenoBooster - the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna


Concept for integrated services

Summarises the review of the current services and the considerations for future integrated service packages.

Review of framework conditions and subsidy schemes

Informs about the most relevant regional, national and European legal framework conditions as well as available financial schemes and how these hinder major home renovations.

Developed and adjusted service modules and packages

Describes the developedadjusted service modules and the integrated packages

Fact finding during analysis

Reports on the study tour to international best practice examples.

Structure of the Smart Renovation Hub

Describes the chosen organisational structure of the hub the involved organisations and other relevant information

Consolidated findings from the analysis

Consolidated findings from the analysis including market segmentationsummarises activities and results of the tasks T22 to T26


Website of the project, used for communication and dissemination purposes, transformed to become the website of the hub by the end of the project.

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