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Data-driven decision-support to increase energy efficiency through renovation in European building stock.


Project communication and dissemination materials

This deliverable will provide information on the project’s website, social media accounts, press kit, videos, journal articles and presentations of EERAdata at webinars, conferences and workshops.

Report on the type and format of the data required to model the building stock in the EERAdata methodology

The goal of this task is to identify the type and format of data needed to model and analyse the building stock at the regional/municipal level through the EERAdata methodology. This will be done considering the availability of ‘generic’ data sources (e.g. the TABULA project) as well as of specific data from project frontrunner municipalities and across EU countries, and the necessary steps that will be required to access and format this data in WP4. The found information and categories will be comprised into a catalogue. (Deliverable D3.2)

Statistical report on interviews and survey results

Survey’s and interviews’ results are finally summarised in a statistical report. Related to Task 2.1

Project website

The EERAdata website will be established within three months of the project kick off

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


Wider benefits of photovolatic building rehabilitation

Author(s): Rafael Abad Cano, Lorena Garzarán Fernández, Antonio Vargas Yañez
Published in: Revista Travesías, Issue December´s 2020 edition, 2020

Paving the way towards the building renovation wider benefits: energy poverty case

Author(s): Rafael Abad Cano
Published in: International Green Cities Congress book of communications, Issue October´s 2020 edition, 2020