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Project description

Championing the energy transition of buildings in the Parma province

The EU-funded FEASIBLE project aims to promote actions which assist owners, managers and renters in the Province of Parma, who wish to make energy efficient upgrades to their public and residential buildings. The project will set up a one-stop shop facility offering institutional, legal and technical support. It will also provide targeted support actions such as a consensus building processes to accelerate the energy-efficient renovation of Parma’s building stock. The project will trigger energy efficiency investments into the building stock of over EUR 16 million during the project duration, thereby contributing to the European Green Deal’s renovation wave.


FEASIBLE focuses on the fostering of actions for the energy efficiency upgrading of residential and public buildings in the municipalities of the Parma Province. The target audience of the project are the owners and renters of apartments pertaining to a same condominium as well as owners/managers of public living-assisted places. For what concerns the private sector, the project makes explicit reference to the recent tax incentive measures put in place by the Italian state to substantially improve the deep renovation of the multifamily buildings. In this framework FEASIBLE intends fostering the penetration of these measures through targeted support actions like a consensus building process addressed to the apartment owners living in these buildings and the institution of a one-shot stop facility to provide institutional, legal and technical support to the citizens and the building (condominium) managers interested to improve the energy efficiency of their living places. As for the public sector FEASIBLE aims at improving the energy efficiency of the real estate asset managed by public company of the Parma Municipality that takes care of elder and in need people. This will happen through the development of a set of energy efficiency interventions (cogeneration, trigeneration, replacement of lighting facilities, energy service management) constituting a benchmark and a reference standard for their possible replication in other structures of this type. The consortium is led by the Parma Municipality with 6 partners all based in Italy. Total effort is 135,75 with a budget of 1,070 k€ in 30 months. The expected leverage factor is greater than 15 with an expected total investment of, at least, 16,6 M€.

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€ 213 941,25
43121 Parma

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Nord-Est Emilia-Romagna Parma
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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 213 941,25

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