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The Translational Cancer Faster Forward postdoctoral programme – CanFaster-ER

Project description

A posdoc boost for cancer research

Cancer is the leading cause of death. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in six deaths worldwide are due to cancer. To beat cancer and save lives, research is at full speed. Supported by the European Union’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme, the CanFaster-Postdoc project aims to attract international PhD candidates with an interest in applied medical research in oncology and entrepreneurship to Lund University. The researchers will be trained in an academic and non-academic setting. They will become innovators, equipped with a broad set of scientific, transferable, and business skills. This is in line with the project’s main goal, which is to increase transnational and intersectoral mobility and collaboration within oncology between academia, industry and hospital/healthcare organisations.


CanFaster is a joint venture among industry, health care and academia to enhance and accelerate innovations and clinical implementation within oncology. The mission of CanFaster is to prolong and save lives of cancer patients through integrated development and commercialization/implementation of diagnostic/treatment alternatives, thus reaching the market and patient more rapidly. CanFaster will save lives of cancer patients, not for future generations, but for today´s. The CanFaster programme is enabled by an intimate collaboration between industry, health care system and academia, and will contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy, where one million new research jobs are needed to reach the Innovation Union flagship initiative. The aim of the present proposal for funding is to accelerate this process further by recruiting ERs to synergize with the already ongoing CanFaster doctoral programme. The collected track record of all partners demonstrates an impressive history of entrepreneurial spirit, state-of the art medical care but also truly world-class scientific excellence within translational cancer research. The proposed programme recruting 15 ERs, will be hosted within CREATE Health, a translational cancer research programme with broad international collaboration partners and excellent out-put for the last 12 years. Main objectives of CanFaster are (i) Increased transnational and intersectorial mobility (ii) Intersectorial improvements through intensified collaboration within oncology between academia, industry and hospital/regional health care organisations. (iii) Acceleration of innovation, attracting international investors leading to increased number of SMEs in the region and (iv) Education of a new generation of excellent multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial scientists. This is achieved through the attraction of the MSCA program for industrial partners to add-on to the EU and public national funding of the programme with financial and in-kind contribution.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 103 400,00
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22100 Lund

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Total cost
€ 2 206 800,00