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Open Asset Storage and Interchange System


The overall aim of the project is to stimulate the multimedia publishing industry by offering guidelines for systems and methods to manage, access and trade multimedia assets in a more effective and efficient manner.

Asset owners currently mostly store their collections in a very traditional manner: prints, slides, and tapes are kept in drawers, and searches have to be performed on simple keywords. This method has major shortcomings:

- search and retrieval of assets is inefficient and ineffective (especially remotely)
- originals deteriorate and take time to copy and send to potential users
- assets have to be digitised and edited again for every user
- originals are often unavailable (as they are lent to prospective users)
- negotiating and trading with customers (copyright licences) is not automated.

Title developers have to manage thousands of assets before, during, and after the development of a single CD title, and in addition they have to face many versions of each asset (eg edited versions, colour corrections, etc.). Specific shortcomings of current asset management practice by title developers are:

- managing all versions of all assets by using file structures is impossible
- keeping track of the originals and licence restrictions of all assets is very difficult
- communication between different team members is cumbersome
- archiving of assets for new editions or translation of titles is very inefficient.

Trading between asset owners and title developers currently is highly inefficient:

- there is no common understanding of asset copyrights and licences
- searching for appropriate assets across different asset owners and different media is very hard without standardisation retrieval, access, downloading and licence management
- negotiating about copyright licences is complex and not supported by standards
- getting the assets at the right place and in the right digital format is cumbersome
- handling the licence agreements and payments is not automated.

The goal of OASIS is to assist the development and uptake of standards, guidelines, and adequate systems to overcome these shortcomings.

The four main project goals are to:

- establish a common understanding and common practice concerning management and trade of assets across the European multimedia publishing industry
- identify and describe contributions to a harmonised asset management and trade infrastructure, mainly through agreed formats, descriptions, protocols and through guidelines for storing, indexing and retrieving assets and for trading assets, including copyright and licence handling; documented in the OASIS Green Paper.
- contribute to the solution of actual asset management and trading problems of representative pilot sites taking into account their existing systems and organisations
- promote the use of good practice in asset management through the establishment of a networked asset management interest group and through publications.


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