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Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Racefox (Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching)

Reporting period: 2019-03-01 to 2020-02-29

Racefox is the world’s first digital running coach that provides real-time audio feedback and personalized training plans, helping runners identify the potential for injury and improve their race times. Racefox captures heart rate and accelerometer data using artificial intelligence algorithms and analyzes it in the Racefox app, then creates custom training plans based on each runner’s specific strengths, weaknesses and race goals.

Racefox introduces a new way of digital coaching for cross-country skiers and runners, using AI-technology to capture body motion data and use that information to create a personalized training plan. Racefox encourages healthy exercise, helping runners and skiers prevent injury by doing exercises designed for their specific movement styles. Racefox also helps runners and skiers reach their personal and performance goals with an audio coaching plan that provides immediate feedback to the athlete.

The objectives of Racefox are to provide runners and skiers with a digital audio coach that gives them in-the-moment feedback on their performance to help them reach their goals and prevent injury.

Racefox uses a single accelerometer feed in the center of the body that captures intelligent data from athletes in real-time, giving them an analysis of strengths and weaknesses and creating personal training plans. Racefox has a hardware agnostic strategy meaning the app works with Racefox-created hardware and the Polar H10 sensor.
During the first part of the project Racefox has greatly expanded proprietary technology and commercial toolboxes. On the technology side powerful voice based guided exercises is now being used in production. Further Racefox now can be experienced using other mass market sensors such as Polar Heart Rate Monitor, wireless headsets will soon become available for use with our product as well. Customers can improve their technique through personalized and automated training regimes with unique ability to advice users on imbalances in their movement that can help prevent injuries. Potential customers can test the service through a free 15 minutes full body analysis and get feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. We are now ready to deliver a unique consumer service.
As society changes and our daily habits evolve it becomes increasingly important for each individual to take care of their health. Each of us needs to exercise regularly in order to live a full life. Societies need healthy citizens to control public health costs and improve overall happiness. Running and in the nordic countries cross country skiing are accessible and affordable types of exercise that fulfills this purpose.

Racefox motivates everyday athletes to exercise by providing a digital coaching process around training. By using advanced technology Racefox supports remote learning and motivation at an affordable cost to potentially millions of athletes.
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