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INVIOO – data-driven decision-making apps for everyon

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - INVIOO (INVIOO – data-driven decision-making apps for everyon)

Reporting period: 2020-03-01 to 2021-02-28

Data-driven decision-making will create €2500Bn business value. High uncertainty and slower growth have already forced industrial businesses to make the most obvious changes to squeeze every asset for maximum value. The next asset they have to leverage is their data.
According to Gartner, using data for decision-making would create an astounding €2500 billion in business value. In that Business Intelligence context, the last big move is named Augmented Analytics. Indeed, Augmented analytics platforms are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to automate tasks that previously required data expert skills. According to Gartner, Augmented Analytics is the next fundamental trend that will bring self-service analytics to business users.

Today, only 20% of the insights needed are produced. The main problem is that only data experts (IT, data analysts, data scientists) can produce the insights business users (engineers, technicians, managers, etc.) need. This creates a gigantic decision-making bottleneck with a current limit of 20% Insight Rate (IR).

Anasen is the only company that will provide an 80% IR. Founded in 2014, Anasen will enter the market with a unique innovation: an AI-powered platform smart enough to reason like a data expert and guide casual business users with contextual recommendations. As a result, any regular business user can produce their own insights, when they need it, leading to an unprecedented 80% Insight Rate.

By today, our innovation allows any business user, without advanced data skills or training, to produce insights from data himself, an unseen feature in the current competitive landscape.
Funded by the European Commission under grant agreement No 850221, the INVIOO project aims at industrializing this innovation.
The output of the project will be an enterprise-grade platform that will be commercialized by early 2021 allowing business users to build and share insights by themselves and therefore better leverage data for day-to-day decision making.
Project INVIOO has started in March 2019 and has lasted for 24 months. The main activities carried out during the two years of the project towards industrialization have been:
-Growing the team with 5 new people in the team at the end of the project;
-Defining, designing, developing, and implementing the concept of "stories" allowing business users to share and reuse insights without technical expertise;
-Developing and consolidating the server capability. This included the stories management and sharing process (role-based sharing model);
-Extending the platform connectivity (live connection to cloud data warehouse);
-Industrializing the platform delivery through a deployment process including continuous integration and continuous deployment without service interruption.

In parallel, we developed the business side of the project. This included:
-Refining the market positioning and messaging;
-Redefining the short term marketing plan in light of the ongoing crisis;
-Adapting and implementing an outbound strategy including a free trial
-Growing our lead base (total of +480 leads contacted and qualified)
-Having several meetings to nurture leads (about 20 leads are expected to be ready to buy in a short term);
-Nurture relationships with VCs.

As a result, the project INVIOO has had a very important impact on the company:
We grew our team with talented and committed developers
We set up and tuned an engineering and deployment process to reach high ends SaaS companies level.
We industrialized our innovation and developed an enterprise-grade platform.
We prepared market entry and developed deep relationships with qualified leads.
We nurtured VCs network to pave the way for a Series A fundraising round.
Current script-based tools shows the following limitations:
Script-based tools like Alteryx, Rapidminer, Tableau Prep, Dataiku, Trifacta... allow users to create a script but never through real data exploration. With these tools, users build an analysis step by step and have to define what input/output passes from one step to another. This means users must know what they want, which is never the case. As a consequence, users keep switching between exploration tools and script-based tools.
Scripts that are produced with those tools can’t be customized by users, they need IT or data scientists.
The UI/UX also needs to be produced by IT or data scientists.

Thanks to the project INVIOO, we developed a unique smart capture module leveraging 3 key innovations.
1. The module allows modeling all the information required for reusing and sharing an analysis directly from the user’s exploration and data analysis and makes it human readable as a “Story”
2. Users can come back to the story, go back and forth within the different steps of the story, and change the settings of any particular step.
3. It integrates a by-design preview mechanism and error handling mechanism that makes stories robust to new data.

The insights building and sharing platform reached an enterprise-grade level thanks to the 2 years of development within the INVIOO project.
It is now ready for market launch as expected.

Thanks to the marketing and pre-commercialization implemented during the project INVIOO, Anasen should be in a leading position to reach the Augmented Analytics market.
Project story visualisation. The user has an access to the steps of the analysis.
Story settings edition. The user can changes any step of the story.
Example of data analysis report received by a recipient user of a shared story.