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O&M tools integrating accurate structural health in offshore energy


Specifications for the data, models, diagnosis, prognosis, decision support and fault tolerant control

Specifications for the datasets, corrosion models, weather condition models, diagnosis, prognosis, decision support and fault tolerant control that are employed and/or developed in WP3 and WP4 will be defined. Six groups of specifications are considered: Features to be measured; Influent collateral inputs; Application related specifications; Integration/Deployment of algorithms; Fault tolerant control; Data management.

Corrosion testing in field

Samples of structural steel with and without protective coating systems will be prepared and exposed at real environmental conditions producing corrosion that will be measured to specify corrosion phenomena. It will be the result of subtask 1.3.2.

Design specifications for stochastic WF control including optimal O&M

The output will be a set of design specifications for the WF controller, including: Definition of the baseline control and O&M architectures; Effectiveness of the controller in use cases and scenarios; Concept study of mitigating control strategies.

Services for data acquisition, storage and access

D3.3 will report the definition of the infrastructure to store the data required by downstream application: wall thickness, historical data from other wind turbines, environmental conditions, wind turbine operation conditions. SWC will also develop and deploy a semantic layer on top of the database to facilitate access to data by prognosis and diagnosis tools and decision support system.

EEAB establishment, members, roles and planning

Report showing final composition of EEAB members, roles and planning with meetings schedule and templates/lists for useful information exchange for the project.

Smart corrosion sensors &communications specifications

Detailed specification of the smart corrosion sensors and communications platform. It will be the result of subtask 1.3.1.

Weather and Operation Forecast tool

D3.6 will report a public (PU) versión of the main characteristics of the weather and operation forecast tool developed from the Weather Research and Forecast model coupled with the WT simulation package FAST to generate forecast data both starting from actual conditions, and also from relevant extreme conditions in order to analyse different what-if scenarios.

Mobile platform SWAP, IPS, Preliminary design and ICD

Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) budget and distribution will be defined for the whole mobile platform systems (Mobile platform; Power; Navigation sensors; Corrosion sensors and communication module; Corrosion sensor placement system; Mounting)

Use cases and scenarios definition

This deliverable will describe the checklist for conditions affecting corrosion in real environment and will define main general (non-detailed) specifications of: smart sensors; communications; mobile-platform operating conditions; diagnostics and visualization tools; functionalities of the diagnostic, prognostics and decision support tools; WT and WF control algorithms main outputs and use cases for the WF controller.

WATEREYE Initial dissemination workshop/event

Initial dissemination workshop/event: To show initial results, and organized by CEIT in M18.

2nd version of Dissemination material

Second version of compilation of articles, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, videos, etc, for project diffusion.

Dissemination material

First definition of articles, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, videos, etc, for project diffusion. This deliverable will be delivered by M6 and updated in M18 and in M36.

Project web-site

1 project website will be deployed and ready to be used as main dissemination tool.

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