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Anthropogenic impacts on the contextual morphological diversification and adaptation of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus, L. 1758) in East Africa

Author(s): Papius Dias Tibihika, Herwig Waidbacher, Charles Masembe, Manuel Curto, Stephen Sabatino, Esayas Alemayehu, Paul Meulenbroek, Peter Akoll, Harald Meimberg
Published in: Environmental Biology of Fishes, Issue 101/3, 2018, Page(s) 363-381, ISSN 0378-1909
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
DOI: 10.1007/s10641-017-0704-0

Living on the edge: Ecological and genetic connectivity of the spiny-footed lizard, Acanthodactylus aureus , confirms the Atlantic Sahara desert as a biogeographic corridor and centre of lineage diversification

Author(s): Guillermo Velo-Antón, Fernando Martínez-Freiría, Paulo Pereira, Pierre-André Crochet, José Carlos Brito
Published in: Journal of Biogeography, Issue 45/5, 2018, Page(s) 1031-1042, ISSN 0305-0270
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jbi.13176

Diversity, distribution and conservation of the terrestrial reptiles of Oman (Sauropsida, Squamata)

Author(s): Salvador Carranza, Meritxell Xipell, Pedro Tarroso, Andrew Gardner, Edwin Nicholas Arnold, Michael D. Robinson, Marc Simó-Riudalbas, Raquel Vasconcelos, Philip de Pous, Fèlix Amat, Jiří Šmíd, Roberto Sindaco, Margarita Metallinou, Johannes Els, Juan Manuel Pleguezuelos, Luis Machado, David Donaire, Gabriel Martínez, Joan Garcia-Porta, Tomáš Mazuch, Thomas Wilms, Jürgen Gebhart, Javier Az
Published in: PLOS ONE, Issue 13/2, 2018, Page(s) e0190389, ISSN 1932-6203
Publisher: Public Library of Science
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0190389

Assessing the role of aridity-induced vicariance and ecological divergence in species diversification in North-West Africa using Agama lizards

Author(s): Duarte V GonÇalves, Paulo Pereira, Guillermo Velo-AntÓn, D James Harris, Salvador Carranza, JosÉ C Brito
Published in: Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Issue 124/3, 2018, Page(s) 363-380, ISSN 0024-4066
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1093/biolinnean/bly055

Maternal genetic diversity and phylogeography of native Arabian goats

Author(s): Nasser Ali Al-Araimi, Raed Mahmoud Al-Atiyat, Osman Mahgoub Gaafar, Raquel Vasconcelos, Agusto Luzuriaga-Neira, Mohamed Osman Eisa, Nadir Amir, Mohammed Hocine Benaissa, Abdulbari Abbas Alfaris, Riyadh Saleh Aljumaah, Sayed M. Elnakhla, Mohamed M.I. Salem, Ibrahim A. Ishag, Mohammed El Khasmi, Albano Beja-Pereira
Published in: Livestock Science, Issue 206, 2017, Page(s) 88-94, ISSN 1871-1413
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.livsci.2017.09.017

Matriclans shape populations: Insights from the Angolan Namib Desert into the maternal genetic history of southern Africa

Author(s): Sandra Oliveira, Anne-Maria Fehn, Teresa Aço, Fernanda Lages, Magdalena Gayà-Vidal, Brigitte Pakendorf, Mark Stoneking, Jorge Rocha
Published in: American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Issue 165/3, 2018, Page(s) 518-535, ISSN 0002-9483
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.23378

Updated catalogue and taxonomic notes on the Old-World scorpion genus Buthus Leach, 1815 (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

Author(s): Pedro Sousa, Miquel Arnedo, D. James Harris
Published in: ZooKeys, Issue 686, 2017, Page(s) 15-84, ISSN 1313-2989
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.686.12206

Four new mitochondrial genomes of the genus zosterops (aves: passeriformes: zosteropidae) from East Africa with a phylogenetic evaluation of the group

Author(s): Martin Husemann, Sarah Sturm, Manuel Curto, Harald Meimberg, Jan Christian Habel
Published in: Mitochondrial DNA Part B, Issue 1/1, 2016, Page(s) 544-548, ISSN 2380-2359
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online
DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2016.1198937

Prevalence and genetic diversity of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Central African island and continental amphibian communities

Author(s): Marina E. Hydeman, Ana V. Longo, Guillermo Velo-Antón, David Rodriguez, Kelly R. Zamudio, Rayna C. Bell
Published in: Ecology and Evolution, Issue 7/19, 2017, Page(s) 7729-7738, ISSN 2045-7758
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
DOI: 10.1002/ece3.3309

Genetic characterization of canine parvovirus type 2 subtypes in Maputo, Mozambique

Author(s): J. Figueiredo, C. Miranda, R. Souto, E. Silva, J. Fafetine, G. Thompson
Published in: Archives of Microbiology, Issue 199/4, 2017, Page(s) 543-549, ISSN 0302-8933
Publisher: Springer Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s00203-016-1320-7

Hybridization following population collapse in a critically endangered antelope

Author(s): Pedro Vaz Pinto, Pedro Beja, Nuno Ferrand, Raquel Godinho
Published in: Scientific Reports, Issue 6/1, 2016, ISSN 2045-2322
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1038/srep18788

Ecotypes and evolutionary significant units in endangered North African gazelles

Author(s): Teresa L Silva, Cândida G Vale, Raquel Godinho, Amina Fellous, Yves Hingrat, Paulo C Alves, Teresa Abáigar, José C Brito
Published in: Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Issue 122/2, 2017, Page(s) 286-300, ISSN 0024-4066
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1093/biolinnean/blx064

Tinea corporis by Microsporum audouinii in a female chimpanzee ( Pan troglodytes ) from Guinea-Bissau: A case report

Author(s): Pedro Melo, Anabela Lança, Braima Amadeu Mané, Aissa Regalla, Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva, Luis Tavares, Fernando Bernardo, Manuela Oliveira
Published in: Journal of Medical Primatology, Issue 47/6, 2018, Page(s) 419-422, ISSN 0047-2565
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jmp.12370

Underground cryptic speciation within the Maghreb: Multilocus phylogeography sheds light on the diversification of the checkerboard worm lizard Trogonophis wiegmanni

Author(s): Daniele Salvi, Ana Perera, Filipa L. Sampaio, Salvador Carranza, D. James Harris
Published in: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Issue 120, 2018, Page(s) 118-128, ISSN 1055-7903
Publisher: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2017.11.013

Noninvasive genetic assessment provides evidence of extensive gene flow and possible high movement ability in the African golden wolf

Author(s): Yamna Karssene, Mohsen Chammem, Carsten Nowak, Koen de Smet, Diana Castro, Ahmed Eddine, Susana Lopes, Violeta Muñoz-Fuentes, Berardino Cocchiararo, Dick Klees, Peter Van Der Leer, Said Nouira, Raquel Godinho
Published in: Mammalian Biology, Issue 92, 2018, Page(s) 94-101, ISSN 1616-5047
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.mambio.2018.05.002

Diversity of haemoprotozoan parasites infecting the wildlife of South Africa

Author(s): D. James Harris, Ali Halajian, Joana L. Santos, Lourens H. Swanepoel, Peter John Taylor, Raquel Xavier
Published in: Folia Parasitologica, Issue 65, 2018, ISSN 0015-5683
Publisher: Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky
DOI: 10.14411/fp.2018.015

Radiotelemetry reveals key data for the conservation of Sheppardia gabela (Rand, 1957) in the Angolan Escarpment forest

Author(s): Aimy Cáceres, Martim Melo, Jos Barlow, Michael S. L. Mills
Published in: African Journal of Ecology, Issue 54/3, 2016, Page(s) 317-327, ISSN 0141-6707
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/aje.12283

Disrupted dispersal and its genetic consequences: Comparing protected and threatened baboon populations (Papio papio) in West Africa

Author(s): Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva, Gisela H. Kopp, Catarina Casanova, Raquel Godinho, Tânia Minhós, Rui Sá, Dietmar Zinner, Michael W. Bruford
Published in: PLOS ONE, Issue 13/4, 2018, Page(s) e0194189, ISSN 1932-6203
Publisher: Public Library of Science
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0194189

Quercus suber forest and Pinus plantations show different post-fire resilience in Mediterranean north-western Africa

Author(s): Brahim Chergui, Soumia Fahd, Xavier Santos
Published in: Annals of Forest Science, Issue 75/2, 2018, ISSN 1286-4560
Publisher: Springer Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s13595-018-0742-6

Reducing emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation in Angola: Insights from the scarp forest conservation ‘hotspot’

Author(s): Ana Leite, Aimy Cáceres, Martim Melo, Michael S.L. Mills, Antonio T. Monteiro
Published in: Land Degradation & Development, Issue 29/12, 2018, Page(s) 4291-4300, ISSN 1085-3278
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
DOI: 10.1002/ldr.3178

Stable isotopes uncover trophic ecology of the West African crocodile (Crocodylus suchus)

Author(s): Xavier Santos, Sandra Navarro, João Carlos Campos, Carola Sanpera, José Carlos Brito
Published in: Journal of Arid Environments, Issue 148, 2018, Page(s) 6-13, ISSN 0140-1963
Publisher: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.jaridenv.2017.09.008

First genetic identification of Pilobolus (Mucoromycotina, Mucorales) from Africa (Nairobi National Park, Kenya)

Author(s): A.M. Aluoch, M.Y. Otiende, M.A. Obonyo, P.G. Mungai, D.O. Okun, S. Angelone-Alasaad, M.J. Jowers
Published in: South African Journal of Botany, Issue 111, 2017, Page(s) 182-188, ISSN 0254-6299
Publisher: National Inquiry Services Centre Ltd.
DOI: 10.1016/j.sajb.2017.03.006

Allele surfing shaped the genetic structure of the European pond turtle via colonization and population expansion across the Iberian Peninsula from Africa

Author(s): Paulo Pereira, José Teixeira, Guillermo Velo-Antón
Published in: Journal of Biogeography, Issue 45/9, 2018, Page(s) 2202-2215, ISSN 0305-0270
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jbi.13412

A new earless species of Poyntonophrynus (Anura, Bufonidae) from the Serra da Neve Inselberg, Namibe Province, Angola

Author(s): Luis M. P. Ceríaco, Mariana P. Marques, Suzana Bandeira, Ishan Agarwal, Edward L. Stanley, Aaron M. Bauer, Mathew P. Heinicke, David C. Blackburn
Published in: ZooKeys, Issue 780, 2018, Page(s) 109-136, ISSN 1313-2989
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.780.25859

Emergent properties of species-habitat networks in an insular forest landscape

Author(s): A. F. Palmeirim, C. Emer, M. Benchimol, D. Storck-Tonon, A. S. Bueno, and C. A. Peres
Published in: Science Advances – Ecology, Issue Vol 8, Issue 34, 2022, ISSN 2375-2548
Publisher: AAAS
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abm0397

Diversity and composition of cultivable gut bacteria in an endemic island bird and its mainland sister species

Author(s): Elisa Lobato, Margarida Geraldes, Martim Melo, Claire Doutrelant, Rita Covas
Published in: Symbiosis, Issue 71/2, 2017, Page(s) 155-164, ISSN 0334-5114
Publisher: Springer Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s13199-016-0419-6

Review of the leaf-litter skinks (Scincidae: Panaspis ) from the Gulf of Guinea Oceanic Islands, with the description of a new species

Author(s): Leonor B. Soares, Luis M. P. Ceríaco, Mariana P. Marques, Cristiane Bastos-Silveira, Lauren A. Scheinberg, D. James Harris, António Brehm, José Jesus
Published in: African Journal of Herpetology, Issue 67/2, 2018, Page(s) 132-159, ISSN 2156-4574
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Online
DOI: 10.1080/21564574.2017.1413015

First record of Aedes albopictus (Skuse 1894) on São tomé island

Author(s): Sandra Reis, Anthony J. Cornel, Martim Melo, Hugo Pereira, Claire Loiseau
Published in: Acta Tropica, Issue 171, 2017, Page(s) 86-89, ISSN 0001-706X
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.actatropica.2017.03.035

What Is the Giant Wall Gecko Having for Dinner? Conservation Genetics for Guiding Reserve Management in Cabo Verde

Author(s): Catarina Pinho, Bárbara Santos, Vanessa Mata, Mariana Seguro, Maria Romeiras, Ricardo Lopes, Raquel Vasconcelos
Published in: Genes, Issue 9/12, 2018, Page(s) 599, ISSN 2073-4425
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.3390/genes9120599

Species Conservation Assessments in Oceanic Islands: the Consequences of Precautionary Versus Evidentiary Attitudes

Author(s): Maria Manuel Romeiras, Sílvia Catarino, Ana Filipa Filipe, Maria Filomena Magalhães, Maria Cristina Duarte, Pedro Beja
Published in: Conservation Letters, Issue 9/4, 2016, Page(s) 275-280, ISSN 1755-263X
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/conl.12212

Chasing the phantom: biogeography and conservation of Vipera latastei-monticola in the Maghreb (North Africa)

Author(s): Inês Freitas, Soumia Fahd, Guillermo Velo-Antón, Fernando Martínez-Freiría
Published in: Amphibia-Reptilia, Issue 39/2, 2018, Page(s) 145-161, ISSN 0173-5373
Publisher: Brill
DOI: 10.1163/15685381-17000197

Challenges for assessing vertebrate diversity in turbid Saharan water-bodies using environmental DNA

Author(s): Bastian Egeter, Sara Peixoto, José C. Brito, Simon Jarman, Pamela Puppo, Guillermo Velo-Antón
Published in: Genome, Issue 61/11, 2018, Page(s) 807-814, ISSN 0831-2796
Publisher: NRC Research Press
DOI: 10.1139/gen-2018-0071

Legacies of domestication, trade and herder mobility shape extant male zebu cattle diversity in South Asia and Africa

Author(s): Lucía Pérez-Pardal, Alejandro Sánchez-Gracia, Isabel Álvarez, Amadou Traoré, J. Bento S. Ferraz, Iván Fernández, Vânia Costa, Shanyuan Chen, Miika Tapio, Rodolfo J. C. Cantet, Ajita Patel, Richard H. Meadow, Fiona B. Marshall, Albano Beja-Pereira, Félix Goyache
Published in: Scientific Reports, Issue 8/1, 2018, ISSN 2045-2322
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-36444-7

Drivers of bird diversity in an understudied African centre of endemism: The Angolan Central Escarpment Forest

Published in: Bird Conservation International, Issue 27/2, 2017, Page(s) 256-268, ISSN 0959-2709
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
DOI: 10.1017/s0959270917000119

Exploring the floristic diversity of tropical Africa

Author(s): Marc S. M. Sosef, Gilles Dauby, Anne Blach-Overgaard, Xander van der Burgt, Luís Catarino, Theo Damen, Vincent Deblauwe, Steven Dessein, John Dransfield, Vincent Droissart, Maria Cristina Duarte, Henry Engledow, Geoffrey Fadeur, Rui Figueira, Roy E. Gereau, Olivier J. Hardy, David J. Harris, Janneke de Heij, Steven Janssens, Yannick Klomberg, Alexandra C. Ley, Barbara A. Mackinder, Pierre Meerts,
Published in: BMC Biology, Issue 15/1, 2017, ISSN 1741-7007
Publisher: BioMed Central
DOI: 10.1186/s12915-017-0356-8

The effect of rainfall on population dynamics in Sahara-Sahel rodents

Author(s): Margarida Isabel Barros, José Carlos Brito, João Carlos Campos, Tapio Mappes, Abdeljebbar Qninba, Fábio Vieira Sousa, Zbyszek Boratyński
Published in: Mammal Research, Issue 63/4, 2018, Page(s) 485-492, ISSN 2199-2401
Publisher: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/s13364-018-0377-x

First report of Euryhelmis parasites (Trematoda, Heterophyidae) in Africa: conservation implications for endemic amphibians

Author(s): Jesus Díaz-Rodríguez, David Donaire-Barroso, Michael J. Jowers
Published in: Parasitology Research, Issue 117/8, 2018, Page(s) 2569-2576, ISSN 0932-0113
Publisher: Springer Verlag
DOI: 10.1007/s00436-018-5946-z

Butterflies of Guinea-Bissau: VIII. New data, new reports, corrections and biodiversity (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea)

Published in: Zootaxa, Issue 4201/1, 2016, Page(s) 1, ISSN 1175-5326
Publisher: Magnolia Press
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4201.1.1

The occurrence of the filarial nematode Dirofilaria repens in canine hosts from Maio Island, Cape Verde

Author(s): R. Marcos, C. Pereira, J.P. Maia, M. Santos, C. Luzzago, S. Lauzi, C. Genchi, A. Faustino, P. Puente-Payo
Published in: Journal of Helminthology, Issue 91/1, 2017, Page(s) 87-90, ISSN 0022-149X
Publisher: CABI Publishing
DOI: 10.1017/s0022149x16000067

Magadi tilapia ecological specialization: filling the early gap in the speciation continuum

Author(s): Catarina Pinho, Rui Faria
Published in: Molecular Ecology, Issue 25/7, 2016, Page(s) 1420-1422, ISSN 0962-1083
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/mec.13598

Habitat associations of the critically endangered São Tomé Fiscal Lanius newtoni : Comparing standard and playback-confirmed point counts

Author(s): Thomas C. Lewis, Martim Melo, Ricardo F. de Lima, Samantha Bremner-Harrison
Published in: African Journal of Ecology, Issue 56/2, 2018, Page(s) 404-408, ISSN 0141-6707
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/aje.12445

Differences in genetic structure assessed using Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA markers do not shape the contributions to diversity in African sires

Author(s): I. Álvarez, L. Pérez-Pardal, A. Traoré, D.O. Koudandé, I. Fernández, A. Soudré, S. Diarra, M. Sanou, H. Boussini, F. Goyache
Published in: Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Issue 134/5, 2017, Page(s) 393-404, ISSN 0931-2668
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jbg.12278

Mapping underrepresented land cover heterogeneity in arid regions: The Sahara-Sahel example

Author(s): João Carlos Campos, José Carlos Brito
Published in: ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Issue 146, 2018, Page(s) 211-220, ISSN 0924-2716
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2018.09.012

Cichlids of the Banc d'Arguin National Park, Mauritania: insight into the diversity of the genus Coptodon

Author(s): N. G. Kide, A. Dunz, J.-F. Agnèse, J. Dilyte, A. Pariselle, C. Carneiro, E. Correia, J. C. Brito, L. O. Yarba, Y. Kone, J.-D. Durand
Published in: Journal of Fish Biology, Issue 88/4, 2016, Page(s) 1369-1393, ISSN 0022-1112
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jfb.12899

Contemporary niche contraction affects climate change predictions for elephants and giraffes

Author(s): Fernando Martínez-Freiría, Pedro Tarroso, Hugo Rebelo, José C. Brito
Published in: Diversity and Distributions, Issue 22/4, 2016, Page(s) 432-444, ISSN 1366-9516
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12406

Drivers of Cape Verde archipelagic endemism in keyhole limpets

Author(s): Regina L. Cunha, Jorge M. Assis, Celine Madeira, Rui Seabra, Fernando P. Lima, Evandro P. Lopes, Suzanne T. Williams, Rita Castilho
Published in: Scientific Reports, Issue 7/1, 2017, ISSN 2045-2322
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
DOI: 10.1038/srep41817

Insularity effects on the assemblage of the blood parasite community of the birds from the Gulf of Guinea

Author(s): Claire Loiseau, Martim Melo, Elisa Lobato, Jon S. Beadell, Robert C. Fleischer, Sandra Reis, Claire Doutrelant, Rita Covas
Published in: Journal of Biogeography, Issue 44/11, 2017, Page(s) 2607-2617, ISSN 0305-0270
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jbi.13060

A new amplicon based approach of whole mitogenome sequencing for phylogenetic and phylogeographic analysis: An example of East African white-eyes (Aves, Zosteropidae)

Author(s): Harald Meimberg, Christina Schachtler, Manuel Curto, Martin Husemann, Jan Christian Habel
Published in: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Issue 102, 2016, Page(s) 74-85, ISSN 1055-7903
Publisher: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.ympev.2016.05.023

Screening for <i>Hepatozoon</i> parasites in gerbils and potential predators in South Africa

Author(s): D. James Harris, Ana Pereira, Ali Halajian, Wilmien J. Luus-Powell, Katlego D. Kunutu
Published in: Journal of the South African Veterinary Association, Issue 88, 2017, ISSN 1019-9128
Publisher: South African Veterinary Association
DOI: 10.4102/jsava.v88i0.1339

Stable isotopes reveal dietary differences and site fidelity in juvenile green turtles foraging around São Tomé Island, West Central Africa

Author(s): JM Hancock, S Vieira, V Jimenez, J Carvalho Rio, R Rebelo
Published in: Marine Ecology Progress Series, Issue 600, 2018, Page(s) 165-177, ISSN 0171-8630
Publisher: Inter-Research Science Publishing
DOI: 10.3354/meps12633

Insularity effects on bird immune parameters: A comparison between island and mainland populations in West Africa

Author(s): Elisa Lobato, Claire Doutrelant, Martim Melo, Sandra Reis, Rita Covas
Published in: Ecology and Evolution, Issue 7/11, 2017, Page(s) 3645-3656, ISSN 2045-7758
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2788

Molecular detection of Anaplasma platys, Ehrlichia canis, Hepatozoon canis and Rickettsia monacensis in dogs from Maio Island of Cape Verde archipelago

Author(s): Stefania Lauzi, João P. Maia, Sara Epis, Ricardo Marcos, Cristina Pereira, Camilla Luzzago, Marta Santos, Pablo Puente-Payo, Alessia Giordano, Massimo Pajoro, Giuseppe Sironi, Augusto Faustino
Published in: Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, Issue 7/5, 2016, Page(s) 964-969, ISSN 1877-959X
Publisher: Elsevier BV
DOI: 10.1016/j.ttbdis.2016.05.001

The collection of birds from São Tomé and Príncipe at the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical of the University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Author(s): Rui Figueira, Miguel Monteiro, Luís Reino, Martim Melo, Pedro Beja, Cristiane Bastos-Silveira, Manuela Ramos, Diana Rodrigues, Isabel Queirós Neves, Susana Consciência
Published in: ZooKeys, Issue 600, 2016, Page(s) 155-167, ISSN 1313-2989
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.600.7899

Checklist of brachyuran crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda) from Cape Verde Islands, with a biogeographic comparison with the Canary Islands (Eastern Atlantic

Author(s): Gonzales JA, Triay-Portella R, Martins A, and Lopes E
Published in: Cahiers de Biologie Marine, Issue 58, 2017, Page(s) 137-151, ISSN 0007-9723
Publisher: Station Biologique de Roscoff
DOI: 10.21411/cbm.a.6c592127

Sharing refuges on arid islands: ecological and social influence on aggregation behaviour of wall geckos

Author(s): Raquel Vasconcelos, Sara Rocha, Xavier Santos
Published in: PeerJ, Issue 5, 2017, Page(s) e2802, ISSN 2167-8359
Publisher: PeerJ
DOI: 10.7717/peerj.2802

The collection of birds from Mozambique at the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical of the University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Author(s): Miguel Monteiro, Rui Figueira, Martim Melo, Michael Stuart Lyne Mills, Pedro Beja, Cristiane Bastos-Silveira, Manuela Ramos, Diana Rodrigues, Isabel Queirós Neves, Susana Consciência, Luís Reino
Published in: ZooKeys, Issue 708, 2017, Page(s) 139-152, ISSN 1313-2989
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.708.13351

Phylogeography of the wild and cultivated stimulant plant qat ( Catha edulis , Celastraceae) in areas of historical cultivation

Author(s): Luke R. Tembrock, Mark P. Simmons, Christopher M. Richards, Patrick A. Reeves, Ann Reilley, Manuel A. Curto, Harald Meimberg, Grace Ngugi, Sebsebe Demissew, Abdul Wali Al Khulaidi, Mansoor Al-Thobhani, Sheron Simpson, Daniel M. Varisco
Published in: American Journal of Botany, Issue 104/4, 2017, Page(s) 538-549, ISSN 0002-9122
Publisher: Botanical Society of America, Inc.
DOI: 10.3732/ajb.1600437

Food and pathogen adaptations in the Angolan Namib desert: Tracing the spread of lactase persistence and human African trypanosomiasis resistance into southwestern Africa

Author(s): Joana C. Pinto, Sandra Oliveira, Sérgio Teixeira, Dayana Martins, Anne-Maria Fehn, Teresa Aço, Magdalena Gayà-Vidal, Jorge Rocha
Published in: American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Issue 161/3, 2016, Page(s) 436-447, ISSN 0002-9483
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.23042

Systematics, biogeography and evolution of Asaccus gallagheri (Squamata, Phyllodactylidae) with the description of a new endemic species from Oman

Author(s): Marc SimÓ-Riudalbas, Pedro Tarroso, Theodore Papenfuss, Thuraya Al-Sariri, Salvador Carranza
Published in: Systematics and Biodiversity, Issue 16/4, 2018, Page(s) 323-339, ISSN 1477-2000
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2017.1403496

Lack of congruence of genetic and niche divergence in Podarcis hispanicus complex

Author(s): Guilherme Caeiro-Dias, Carla Luís, Catarina Pinho, Pierre-André Crochet, Neftalí Sillero, Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou
Published in: Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Issue 56/4, 2018, Page(s) 479-492, ISSN 0947-5745
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Inc.
DOI: 10.1111/jzs.12219

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