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A new generation of LED luminaries for Human Centric Lighting Applications

Project description

Lights on for happier, smarter and more creative people

Natural light is vital for our health. Indoor lighting is just as important for our overall mental and physical health. With this in mind, the EU-funded WEL-LED-BEING project will bring to market a new family of LED lights that re-optimised to fulfil the requirements of the human-centric lighting (HLC) market. HLC is defined as lighting devoted to enhancing human performance, comfort, health and well-being – separately or in some combination. The benefits of HCL for humans are vital. Lack of natural light is impacting human health and is associated with depression, stress and anxiety, as well as a lack of centration and a reduction in learning, memory and innovation capacities.


Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is lighting designed to benefit human health and well-being thanks to properly tuned colour temperatures that can foster desirable conditions throughout a 24-hour period. HCL is set to be a key market driver of the overall LED lighting industry. LED technology enables the production of different white light qualities with the highest possible colour rendering index (CRI) value. However current LED solutions in the market have not been optimised for its application in the HCL sector. The increasing attention that the society is paying to the added-value of lighting systems in terms of health, work productivity and well-being has not been exploited yet and represents a huge business opportunity valued in more than €1 billion (2020, Europe). We are Lumitech, an Austrian SME specialised in the development of LED technologies with high spectral quality and efficiency. The core of our solutions relies on the unique characteristics of our patented PI-LED® technology, which produces a light with very high colour fidelity and rendering quality. Our PI-LED® technology consists of LED modules that combine blue, red and mint white light, and are able to cover the full spectra of colour temperatures, outperforming current solutions in the market mostly based in tunable white light. The WEL-LED-BEING project will allow us to bring to the market a new family of LED luminaries that are optimised to fulfil the specific requirements of the HCL market thus exploiting its potential and maximising our business opportunity. With the WEL-LED-BEING project, we pursue the objective of becoming the reference European company in the HCL sector. Our financial forecast show that in 2023, we will have a market share of 10% with sales surpassing the €34 million and the WEL-LED-BEING products account for 30% of the total revenues. This project will allow us to create up to 20 news positions so Lumitech will have a total staff of 65.

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

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