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True Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion System


Back pain is one of the most common medical problems worldwide. More than 632 million people worldwide suffer from low back pain what becomes a frequent self-limiting condition. When conservative treatments are not effective, surgical intervention is usually sought after to reduce pain and restore quality of life. The most common surgical procedure is the spinal fusion where two or more vertebra are fused together to stabilize the affected vertebral segment, relieve pressure on the nerves and relieve pain. Published estimations have calculated that 699,318 lumbar spinal fusion procedures occurred worldwide in 2017. Current procedures utilize screws and rods to construct an external “bridge” that connects between the vertebrae. This solution is costly, highly invasive and can lead to complications resulting in re-operations when screws are misplaced.
Our new and unique zLOCK Facet Fusion System is a fixation device for lumbar spine fusion surgeries that utilizes the natural anatomy of the spine allowing for shorter and less invasive surgery that doesn’t use screws or external constructs. Our zLOCK system is made with an innovative 3D printing technology to provide a safer implant that fits any facet anatomy (any patient) and a more cost-effective solution for lumbar spinal procedures.

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  • /medical and health sciences/clinical medicine/surgery
  • /medical and health sciences/clinical medicine/surgery/surgical procedure

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