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International leagues of art for creative people

Project description

Promoting art for creative people

Across the European Union, the culture sector is hugely profitable with large turnovers. Still, unemployment in the field is significantly high, especially among young artists. MUNDOARTI has designed a global cultural company focused on improving the ways people develop, share and promote their creativity. Their aim is to reconfigure ways in which people can participate in cultural competitions, improving also, efficiency and transparency of those bids. By creating a special algorithm, MundoArti improves the existing selection process by using a professional jury. The aim is to create the first platform within three years that will participate in cultural competitions, creating also, different leagues of artists within different countries and genres of art, ranging from photography to film-making.


"The cultural sector turnover was around 300 billion € (5.3%) and 6.3 million Europeans were working in this sector in 2014 (2.9%). Despite these figures representing a considerable volume, the cultural sector is still unprofessional and there is a high young unemployment. In response to the current problems that those in European society face, Mundoarti has designed an initiMundoArti is a global cultural company focused on improving the ways people develop, share and promote their creativity. Among its projects, it is worth highlighting the reinvention of the way in which people present themselves to cultural competitions, improving efficiency and transparency.

This European project, International leagues of art for creative people"" is an innovative type of professional competition that tries to evolve cultural contest into a more dynamic context.

Our value proposition is to create a new way of competing, creating art leagues. This concept is based on the success of photography leagues as a union of the scores of several contests, but MundoArti applies new video game techniques, such as e-sports, to allow scalability and gamification. This new innovative technology will allow us to generate countless art leagues at different regional levels.

Unlike our competitors, MundoArti algorithm is the only one available in the market that improves the selecting process to deliberate thousands of creative works in the most convenient, transparent and cost-effective way by using professional jury. That is key to the sustainability of competitions in the future.

Within three years, our scope is to be the first platform to participate in cultural competitions and we will create different leagues at different levels (country, European and international levels) and for different artistic disciplines: photographers, writers, designers, musicians, filmmakers, etc.

The ultimate goal in a post-Phase 2 scenario is to revive the ART OLYMPIC GAMES, which last edition was in 1948.

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