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First European Aeration Systems based on NANOBUBBLES TECHNOLOGY for Waste Water Treatment


Clean-up of waste waters has a huge environmental footprint, in terms of energy consumed and impact on the ecosystem.
Public and private organizations operating WWT plants (Waste Water Treatment) face problems in terms of: 1) high
operating costs for electricity consumption and maintenance; 2) high costs of devices for the upgrade of osolete water aeration systems. LUNA is the is the first company in Europe having developed, tested and demonstrated in real conditions a NBG (Nanobubble Generator) aeration system able to treat huge flows of WWT, with revolutionary properties:
A) high aeration capacity (hyper-aeration): transfer of larger amounts of dissolved oxygen in to the waste water for the biological treatment processes, which means higher efficency.
B) hyper-oxidation properties, which help to remove various harmful chemical elements (ammonia first of all) in wastewater and reducing the sludge produced in comparison with traditional processes.
LUNA’s WMAX Nanobubbles aeration system is currently the best and chepaest available solution to upgrade the aeration system of obsolete water-treatment plant. For building a new aeration system WMAX devices are the best solutions that guarantees simultaneously low costs for purchase, installation and maintenance, very high efficiency, simplicity and speed of installation. After extensive lab tests, in mid 2018 the first (WMAX-50) device has reached the TRL7, after six months of continuous tests in real conditions at a pilot users’ WWT plant in Italy. To bring the WATERmax technology on the market, the company foresee the following actions:
i) optimize the first prototype (WMAX-50) and prepare staff for its industrialization and production
ii) develop the new bigger WMAX-200 and plan new (big/small) models
iii) certify (CE) WMAX and apply for a European patent
iv) build an European network of partners and resellers; start sales in 2020 in Italy, in 2021 abroad
Target revenues forecast is 8.2 M€ for the first 3 years.

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