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A novel flexographic printing machine for correcting or customising over already printed packaging designs

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - SOS-PACKAGING (A novel flexographic printing machine for correcting or customising over already printed packaging designs)

Reporting period: 2019-02-01 to 2019-05-31

Final Report sums up the work done by Rotoprint during Phase 1 execution in order to verify the feasibility of SOS Packaging project to optimise our disruptive technology to release a more competitive and efficient overprinting service to the market. Particularly, we planned to improve its functionality and reduce its carbon footprint, to later undergo in-house technical validation. We made an assessment of all the investment required to complete the project, for which we will pursue financing support of circa €2.5M from the EC scheme of SMEi Accelerator. After an assessment of Rotoprint´s financial analysis, we have evaluated the potential of the project to generate profit (>€25M of revenue and >€14M profit) and new employment (+46 new job positions) by the 5th year of commercialisation.
Finally, we concluded to continue with SOS Packaging project, motivated by our feasibility study which confirms the uniqueness and competitiveness of our innovation.
TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY, including: new features description and technology definition; detailed technical plan to increase TRL to 8; identification of third parties involved; and analysis of risks and design of a mitigation and contingency plan.
COMMERCIAL FEASIBILITY, including: market and potential EU clients analysis; end-user´s segmentation; main competitors; regulatory framework analysis; SoA and FtO analysis; business model; definition of commercialization, communication and dissemination plan, including IPR strategy.
FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY, including: in-depth cost analysis to evaluate our capacity to take the innovation; business projections for the first five years after SOS Packaging market launch in a conservative and optimistic sales scenario.
SOS Packaging will give rise to the first flexographic printing technology selectively customised to recycle already printed packaging that due to internal or external exchanges, or simply by human mistakes, cannot be used in regular production. The resulting overprinting process, that will be more cost-efficient and eco-friendlier than current one, will contribute to packaging circularity and Rotoprint´s growth (>€25M of revenue and 46 new job positions by the 5th year of commercialisation).