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Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate


The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive requires public buildings to be nearly energy neutral in 2018 and commercial buildings are expected to follow in 2020. In the pursuit of these nearly zero-energy buildings, innovative solutions to embed renewable energy supply on the building are sought after. The use of solar panels on large façade’s area is not yet a plausible solution since, with current technologies, it would result in dark closed buildings, while residents and workers seek glass facades to enjoy daylight.
The Lumiduct is an innovative solution to generate renewable energy via the façade without having to compromise on transparency and design: a sun shading system made of transparent solar panels integrated into the building façade. The Lumiduct is the next step in making buildings energy-neutral.
During the day, the Lumiduct’s transparent solar panels automatically follow the position of the sun and at the same time filter the sunlight, converting the direct, blinding sunlight into energy, but letting diffuse, soft daylight through. During the night, an advanced version integrating LEDs makes it possible to create a beautiful atmosphere and communicate with the community. The Lumiduct creates awareness and makes living in and around the building a great experience.
The added value for the indoor climate is remarkable. Compared to a conventional automated sun shading system, the first results show that the Lumiduct system saves 24% on heating every year, 40% on cooling and 36% on lighting. Lumiduct has become a reality, having reached the pilot scale for the first time in a facade of 40 m² at an office building in the Netherlands.
The Lumiduct will disrupt the Building Integrated PV (BIPV) market by allowing energy-generating full-glass façades.

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