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Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - LUMIDUCT (Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate)

Reporting period: 2019-02-01 to 2019-05-31

Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gases emissions in EU. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge to make a positive business case for energy-neutral buildings and the market is seeking innovations that offer reduction in costs and an increase in revenue flows from green buildings. Moreover, a challenge remains in combining glass architecture with energy neutral buildings that have a pleasant indoor climate at the same time, as the use of glass often leads to overheating and glare. To overcome them, Wellsun developed Lumiduct: bringing to reality transparent building façades with integrated solar energy generation that create liveable and healthy indoor environment. During the day energy is generated and saved through the photovoltaic and sun-tracking system, while at night the façade comes to life displaying images through an integrated LED system.
During the Feasibility Study we described the next steps to follow to reach TRL9 and commercialization of Lumiduct: identification of the activities, work packages and budget, definition of the supply chain, definition of the business model and commercialisation strategy, risks, market and competitors’ analysis, etc. For the Phase 2 project we plan to: optimise hardware and software; refine materials choice; define the production line; validate through a pilot trial; conduct communication and dissemination activities; and submit documentation for regulatory compliance. Since the first funding, Wellsun has already performed a few upgrades, and has secured the Port of Rotterdam for the Ph2 pilot trial
Lumiduct is in line with EU objectives of reducing energy consumption by 6% and CO2 emissions by 5% through sustainable buildings. Improving building envelopes could reduce energy demand by 13%. There are no competitors offering a product able to simultaneously generate electricity, control sunlight and communicate via LED media screening. Lumiduct produces 15 times more energy than electrical windows in glass buildings and it is capable of shading direct light selectively. This generates 40% savings on cooling, 24% on heating and 36% on artificial lighting. Lumiduct responds instantly to weather conditions, maintaining constant daylight level by blocking all direct light and transmitting diffuse light (70%). Lumiduct’s unique LED system integration offers endless media possibilities with 100-fold higher resolution than the media façade at the Ziggo dome (Amsterdam).
Lumiduct system’s solar panels
Lumiduct system installed in a façade