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Environmental-friendly organic chemical synthesis in plasma reactor

Project description

Advanced plasma reactor for efficient drug synthesis

The EU-funded project Plasmanorg is developing a revolutionary system for executing organic chemical reactions to further advance state-of-the-art drug discovery. Their innovation relies on the development of an advanced plasma reactor for synthesising new compounds, eliminating the use of solvents and catalysts. Advanced software will predict the optimal reaction conditions for compound synthesis. The technology has tremendous potential to make valuable chemical processes more efficient and cost-effective, boosting the pharmaceutical industry competitiveness.


Pharmaceutical industry continuously needs innovation in drug discovery to prepare new compounds and realise new synthesis routes. However, their effectiveness is limited by the classical methodologies applied in laboratory scale organic chemistry, i.e. use of solvents and ambient conditions. We have developed a revolutionary methodology for the execution of organic chemical reactions without any solvent (and catalyst), induced only by plasma. The reaction conditions can be predetermined by an intelligent algorithm and can be precisely fine-tuned for the reaction purpose in a wide range. Our aim is to commercialise Plasmanorg technology containing a laboratory scale plasma reactor and a software for predicting optimal reaction conditions for synthesis of a given substrate. In this Phase 1 project, we shall perform a feasibility assessment and refine our business model. The success of this project will promote the growth of our company and make a huge step towards cleaner and more effective pharmaceutical industry.

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€ 50 000,00
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