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Spectral Energy Management System for appliance-level analytics, control, and microgrid renewables trading.

Project description

Intelligent energy management system for homes

Europe’s building stock is responsible for 40 % of EU primary energy consumption and 36 % of CO2 emissions – 75 % of it remains inefficient. What’s more, the EU is crawling along with a paltry renovation rate of 1 % annually, meaning it would take a century to decarbonise the building stock. The EU-funded project SpecEMS is developing a breakthrough energy management solution that uses advanced technology to monitor energy consumption of appliances. Offered as a low-cost monthly service, it can make homes more energy efficient, cutting energy costs by more than 30 %.


Linc’s mission is to make effective energy management accessible to all.

Our breakthrough energy management solution uses advanced spectral analysis to monitor energy consumption on an appliance-by-appliance basis. Installed at a single point — without needing sensors across the building — it delivers an energy breakdown accuracy of 95%, and has proven savings of up to 34%.

Our hardware and software is installed within 30 minutes by any electrician, in any type of residential, commercial, or industrial building - new or old. It is the first and only energy management solution to be delivered as a low cost service (€9/month), with NO upfront costs.

It feature built-in controls for building automation and demand response. It is the first energy management system with a fully-integrated microgrid blockchain to trade clean, renewable energy.

Linc answers directly to European challenges of boosting energy efficiency and renewable generation by 27% each by 2030 — as is necessary to prevent the dire consequences of global warming exceeding 1.5C.

The EU is not on schedule. 75% of European buildings remain inefficient, and are being renovated at a rate of 1% per year - it will take 100 years to retrofit them. Meanwhile, investment in renewables has stagnated with government subsidies being phased out, and utilities left with no incentive to purchase irregular renewable supplies that destabilise their grid networks.

Existing Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are too costly and complex — suitable only for the most energy-intensive buildings; while smart-meters are not very “smart” after all — saving consumers less than 3%.

Linc solves this. We seek H2020 funding to study the technical and commercial feasibility of our solution. We have support from major piloting partners across all target segments, and project a revenue potential of €24 million with €11 million in net profit within five years of commercialisation, creating of 104 direct jobs.

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