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Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre

Project description

Climate change, atmospheric research centre in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Region

The Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East regions face long-standing political and social problems. This is exacerbated by climate change effects such as air pollution, droughts, water shortages, high temperatures and desert dust. Human life is heavily affected and increase migration is seen. The Cyprus Institute (CyI) has extensive experience in climate and atmospheric studies. The EU-funded EMME-CARE project aims to upgrade the Climate Division of CyI to a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in the entire region. It will integrate experimental research and environmental data to elaborate proposals for the public health, agricultural and energy sectors. The CoE will work to generate solutions for society and will also serve as a knowledge hub.


The Cyprus Institute (CyI) is a science and technology research and postgraduate education organization. In the past decade, it has become a national competence centre in atmospheric and climate research. We propose the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere REsearch (EMME-CARE) project, to upgrade the Atmosphere and Climate Division of CyI into a Centre of Excellence (CoE) with a regional focus. Cyprus is strategically located in the EMME at the intersection between Asia, Africa and Europe, providing an invaluable link between Europe and the Middle East. The region faces many challenges, such as rapid population growth, as well as political and socio-economic instabilities. These challenges, experienced by a part of the world that is already hot and arid, are exacerbated by droughts and extreme weather conditions associated with rapid climate change. Temperature extremes, in combination with increasing air pollution and windblown desert dust, could lead to intolerable conditions in both urban and rural environments, ultimately compromising human habitability and promoting migration. EMME-CARE proposes a comprehensive and integrated programme to address these challenges through an exceptional combination of research, innovation and education, focussing on Cyprus and the EMME. This involves experimental research and data-informed computer modelling of the regional atmospheric environment and climate change impacts. The advanced partners in the project provide world-leading expertise in atmospheric and climate research, at a fundamental level, low carbon technologies and innovation, along with advanced graduate education and experience with major European research infrastructure. The Coe aims at solutions for society, including the public health, agriculture and energy sectors. EMME-CARE will create a CoE that acts as a knowledge hub for critical issues related to environmental and climate change, serving Cyprus and the region.

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