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Digital Platform for Construction in Europe

Descripción del proyecto

El futuro digital del sector de la construcción

El sector de la construcción es un motor clave de la economía, pero también uno de los que peores resultados obtiene en materia de productividad e innovación. Todavía debe integrar las novedades digitales que podrían impulsar la productividad y la rentabilidad. La digitalización del sector de la construcción podría llegar a cambiar las reglas de juego en el sector. El proyecto DigiPLACE, financiado con fondos europeos, creará un ecosistema común de innovación, normalización y comercio para mejorar la productividad y la calidad de los productos finales del sector de la construcción, es decir, edificios e infraestructuras. Además, estudiará el tipo de transformación digital que mejoraría la productividad y la eficiencia. Los resultados del proyecto influirán en el avance y la competitividad de la cadena de valor de la construcción.


In modern economy, digitalization is a major driver of productivity growth across industries and services. However, the construction sector is lagging behind, even behind agriculture.
The construction sector is characterised by a high presence of SMEs, low capitalization, a low rate of higher educated employees, low investment in innovation, and a long supply chain. Moreover, in the EU market, different languages, taxation, and regulatory frameworks are obstacles to Union synergies. DigiPLACE will exploit EU added value.
Several initiatives have been developed at national level to improve the innovation in this sector. At EU level, some projects were devoted to facilitating the exchange of information, practice and knowledge (e.g. CPR 305/2011 and Levels). DigiPLACE will create a common ecosystem of innovation, standardization and commerce with the aim to collect the achieved results and to increase the productivity of the sector and the quality of its end products (building&infrastructure).
Could digitalization help the sector to solve these historical issues and future ones? What kind of digitalization, what kind of market, what kind of production and supply-chain we could imagine? What kind of consumers do we have for our products and services. How do these worlds work together?
DigiPLACE aims to investigate all these themes with a strong analysis of markets, actors and barriers. It will define a Reference Architecture Framework (RAF) for digital construction platform based on an EU-wide consensus involving a large community of stakeholders and the expertise of selected key players, resulting in a strategic roadmap for successful implementation of this RAF.
DigiPLACE will rely on a large set of partners, linked 3rd parties and an Advisory Board representing leading European entities, companies and/or associations of industry, builders, owners (private and public), architects, research institutes, and ICT firms (for digital production, services and knowledge).

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