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Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System


Communication strategy and activities report 2

The second communication report will present all the different activities and the variety of communication measures that were initialized for creating visibility and awareness about the project, and it will also highlight the success of the different activities.

ATLAS pilots & ATLAS Innovation Hubs: Implementation Plan

ATLAS pilots & ATLAS Innovation Hubs: Implementation Plan

Continuous integration and deployment

Report on the system established and documentation

Report on sensor manufacturer requirements

Report on the asessment of the sensor manufacturer requirements

First consortium meeting

preparation of minutes and substantive documentation

On-Board processing Computers specification

Specification document containing a list of feasible systems

Open Calls Implementation Plan

Open Calls Implementation Plan

Communication strategy and activities report 1

A detailed plan and the related first activities report will define the target audience as well as the communication channels and tools that will be used to reach each group of each target audience, the timing of the actions that support the project visibility and communication to specific targets; the communication levels and the responsibilities attributed to each partner, indicators to measure the actions and methods for monitoring and reporting the actions.

Multi Sensor System Specification

Specification document containing the outcome of T5.5

Kick-Off Meeting

preparation of minutes and substantive documentation

Report on End-User requirements

Report on End-User requirements

Project website, social media accounts and communication channels

The project website, social media channels will be up and running. Continuous updating will be done to guarantee that the website and the social media channels contain relevant data for interested stakeholders and are up-to-date. Furthermore, dissemination material such as factsheets, folders and roll-ups will be created and provided to the project partners.

Project Manual

Project manual including data management plan (a reference document for the management of the project to be provided to all partners)

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Performance of the ATMOS41 All-in-One Weather Station for Weather Monitoring

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Terrain estimation via vehicle vibration measurement and cubature Kalman filtering

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Recurrent and convolutional neural networks for deep terrain classification by autonomous robots

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Mind the ground: A power spectral density-based estimator for all-terrain rovers

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Internet of Robotic Things in Smart Domains: Applications and Challenges

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Deep neural networks for grape bunch segmentation in natural images from a consumer-grade camera

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Internet of Robotic Things in Industry 4.0: Applications, Issues and Challenges

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Automatic Deployment of IoT Networks in Outdoor Scenarios using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle

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Development of irrigation management services based on integration of innovative soil moisture monitoring and hydrological modelling

Author(s): Pisinaras, V., Brogi, C., Bogena, H., Hendricks-Franssen, H.-J., Dombrowski, O., and Panagopoulos, A
Published in: 2020