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Building an Interoperable, Data-Driven, Innovative and Sustainable European Agri-Food Sector


Market and business opportunities analysis

This deliverable will provide an initial market analysis and business opportunities for the creation of an ecosystem of multi-actor approach

Initial Stakeholder requirements, pilots design, specification and planning

D5.1 will capture the initial results from the inventory and the requirements study, describes the plans for the sprints, and provides corresponding assessment criteria to be used in assessment phase two.

Common data models and semantic interoperability mechanisms - Release 2

This deliverable corresponds to the final prototype of the DEMETER common data models and semantic interoperability mechanisms (second release of D2.1 implementations).

Common data models and semantic interoperability mechanisms - Release 1

This deliverable presents the design for the DEMETER Agriculture Information Model (AIM) and the DEMETER common data models in general, as well as the specifications for the DEMETER semantic interoperability mechanisms. It will also provide preliminary implementations for the respective models and mechanisms.

Regulatory and Policy Framework Analysis

This deliverable will provide the results of the analysis of DEMETER related to identification possible area to contribute on regulation and policy framework

Decision Support, Benchmarking and Performance Indicator Monitoring tools - Release 1

This deliverable describes the AI-based analytic functions, Benchmarking techniques and performance monitoring tools that serve as core building blocks of decision support systems in DEMETER pilots

Intermediate communication, dissemination and standardization activities report

Deliverable to describe the intermediate results and outcomes in dissemination, communication and standardisation

Project Report Year 1

Reporting for Y1 from admin, technical, integration, innovation, IPR, legal and ethics perspectives.

Decision Enablers, Advisory Support Tools and DEMETER Stakeholder Open Collaboration Space

This deliverable provides an overview of the generic enablers and collaboration tools that have been developed to support decision making in the agrifood domain

Revised Stakeholder requirements, pilot specifications and objectives

As D5.1, but revised based on the progress of WP2,3,4 and 7

DEMETER reference architecture - Release 1

This deliverable will present the first version of the DEMETER reference architecture following the first elicitation of requirements and SOTA analysis

Initial DEMETER communication & dissemination plan

This deliverable will describe the initial strategy in DEMETER for communication and dissemination activities considering typologies of stakeholders

Open Call 1 handbook

"D7.2 captures open call documents like open call text, guidelines, materials, contract templates for sub-grantees and the templates for proposals for Call #1."

Testbed planning and deployment of system extensions and applications for pilot round 1

The report describes all systems extensions and applications to be used for pilots round1 and provides the plan for deployment at the pilot sites.

DEMETER Data and Knowledge extraction tools - Release 1

This deliverable elaborates on the design of the DEMETER Data and Knowledge extraction tools and provides their initial implementations.

DEMETER reference architecture – Release 2

This deliverable will present the final version of the DEMETER reference architecture following evaluations and lessons learnt during technical development and initial pilot validation

Initial data management plan

Provides the data management policies and strategies to be adopted by DEMETER

DEMETER technology integration tools - Release 1

This deliverable will provide the first version of tools that will allow for integration and interoperability with external platforms as well as for establishing suitable configurations for the pilot sites

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Evaluating the Single-Shot MultiBox Detector and YOLO Deep Learning Models for the Detection of Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

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The importance of data quality assessment for machinery data in the field of agriculture

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Design Principles for Data Spaces

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Role of IoT in addressing theagroecological focus of theGreen Deal

Author(s): Luis Pérez-Freire (editor), Lars T. Berger, Senka Gajinov, Sdrjan Krco, Dolores Ordóñez, Marcin Plociennik, Nikos Kalatzis, Nikos Marianos
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Qualitative Parameter Analysis for Botrytis cinerea Forecast Modelling Using IoT Sensor Networks

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