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Reporting period: 2019-10-01 to 2021-03-31

Over the past decades, mortality rates and bird rates have fallen significantly in Europe and around the world, leading to considerable changes in the age distribution of societies. The increase in life expectancy, however, is dominated by rapid declines in physical and mental capacity for ageing populations without appropriated support. As a result, the European Healthcare Systems are struggling to tackle the significant cost burden of chronic diseases related to the ageing population. In this respect, society needs to re-establish the link between what the healthcare system is caring and curing and what the citizens really need.
We need to offer innovations that will bring support to health professionals and people to achieve better diagnosis, treatment and self-management across the continuum of care and prevention. The GATEKEEPER project aims to create an open, trust-based arena for matching ideas, technologies, user needs and processes, aimed at ensuring healthier independent lives for the ageing population in Europe.
GATEKEEPER's main ambition is to involve more than 40.000 participants in innovative healthcare services and treatments based on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health and Smart Homes solutions.
To achieve this goal, a value based healthcare approach will allow to define a virtuous mechanism that, enabled by our digital platform, will allow patients to proactively integrate their solutions and data with their healthcare systems and treating professionals, allowing better detection of risks and adverse events that are related with their own conditions around 9 Reference Medical Cases, allowing for earlier interventions and better clinical, healthcare and business outcomes. Likewise, healthcare professionals will access, through our platform, to a reliable, accurate and meaningful repository of Real-World Data coming from patients and their living environments. Features such data quality checks, conformity mechanisms to make sure that ethics, privacy and security risks are properly avoided, and a certification of the provided solutions, are being included in our platform through the GATEKEEPER Trust Authority, and eventually enabling a scalable AI framework for decision making in innovative healthcare services. Finally, the usage of existing standards that are currently transforming the digitization and scale management of our healthcare systems and other sectors, like HL7-FHIR, Web of Things, among others, will allow our platform to be deployed in real environments and scenarios from 12 healthcare systems across Europe and Asia.
The GATEKEEPER project aims to build a platform that will harness the full potential of new technologies to improve healthcare services for some of the most prevalent chronic pathologies. Elderly patients suffering from chronic conditions are the most vulnerary group of population suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, the GATEKEEPER project has created an specific Covid-19 task force to manage the project response to the pandemic.
GATEKEEPER project works plan unfolds in 5 different phases with a total duration of 42 months. The path to innovation for GATEKEEPER is summarized in the figure “GATEKEEPER Value Journey”.
The Goal for this period was to put in place all the needed activities to execute the pilots in all sites.
From an overall perspective we had identified 8 strategic challenges and corresponding achievements:
- The Problem: we have identified the 8 most prevalent chronic diseases + COVID health condition, addressed across primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and treatment. We called them Reference Use Cases. The use of the GATEKEEPER Key Enabling Technologies (Wearable and mobile solutions, smart homes and smart environment IoT technologies, among others) will allow the generation of a federated European Health Data Space of about 50.000 users in 8 European Regional Healthcare Systems, with the addition of 3 strategic pilots from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.
- The Tool: the GATEKEEPER Platform allows for Trust authority-enabled secured environment for data acquisition, federation and sharing. The platform is disease-agnostic, provides open connectivity to many different types of sensors, and legacy systems upon health and interoperability standards.
- The Service: The Data Federation Space will allow deploying, validating and scaling a set of AI solutions both created in GK for early detection, smart intervention and treatments, in line with new regulations, standards and guidelines.
- The Value: our Large Scale Pilot is a federation of multiple Randomized Control Trials that will allow for Cost-effectiveness evaluation of AI, Big-Data and IoT for chronicity management in elderly population
- The Business: a Marketplace based on open innovation and ecosystem co-creation approach building for the expansion worldwide. GATEKEEPER is expanding already through the new winners of the 1st Open Call to solve technological challenges. The 2nd Open Call, to be published at the beginning of the second period, will be more focused on clinical, business and standard-oriented challenges. In between, a Community of Interest already composed of about 100 stakeholders as already joined our consortium and we will establish synergistic collaboration to align our results to the needs from the market and real practices.
Structurally the project is organized in 9 highly interlinked Work Packages (WP), forming three main groups (figure “GK Work Packages Structure”):
Operational WPs: WP3, WP4 and WP5 will provide, driven by WP2, the user-led innovations to build the different GATEKEEPER components and digital solutions of the platform, delivered to the other WPs.
LSP WPs: WP7 uses the results of the operational work packages to verify and evaluate the benefits of the GATEKEEPER platform in the different pilots, continuously supported by WP6, in charge of delivering the innovative and personalized interventions.
Supporting WPs: WP1, WP8 and WP9 provide support to all the work packages and project as a whole. WP1 deals with the project management, WP8 addresses standardization and certification and WP8 on impact maximization activities, resulting in European-led outreach of GATEKEEPER’s innovation.
We aim at positioning GATEKEEPER as a reference solution enabling open innovation and synergistic collaborations among top level healthcare institutions and research centers, MedTech, electronics and consumer electronics big industries and SMEs and an ecosystem of startups and a community of developers that, through our open source approach, will ensure sustainability and scalability of our platform. Likewise, innovative business models fostering private-public collaborations through Value Based Care approach and innovative social contracts between healthcare professionals and the community where their patients live in, will pave the way for the spreading of new generation of healthcare services empowered by digital European-led platforms.
GATEKEEPER Value Journey phases
GATEKEEPER Work Packages structure and relation