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Fungal architectures


Strains tolerant for metals/polymers are selected

Fungal stains which grow well when exposes to metals/polymers are selected.

Report on automated scaffold production

Analyses of scaffold production.

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3d Printed Bio-hybrid Structures - Investigating the architectural potentialsof mycoremediation

Author(s): Claudio Colmno, Phil Ayers
Published in: eCAADe, 2020
Publisher: ECAD

Fungal sensing skin

Author(s): Andrew Adamatzky, Antoni Gandia, Alessandro Chiolerio
Published in: 2020
Publisher: arxiv

Fungal photosensor

Author(s): Alexander E. Beasley, Anna L. Powell and Andrew Adamatzky
Published in: arxiv, 2020
Publisher: arxiv

Capacitive storage in mycelium substrate.

Author(s): Beasley, Alexander E., Anna L. Powell, and Andrew Adamatzky.
Published in: 2020
Publisher: arxiv