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Fungal architectures


A catalogue of electrical activity patterns related to chemical and physical stimulation

We analyse response of fungi to chemical and physical stimulations and aim to make of stimuli to patterns of electrical activity

Strains tolerant for metals/polymers are selected

Fungal stains which grow well when exposes to metals/polymers are selected.

Report on automated scaffold production

Analyses of scaffold production.

Strains with improved binding are selected

Fungal strains which shown improved binding of functional materials are selected

Report on preliminary characterisation and modelling

Characterisation and modelling of the structures

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3d Printed Bio-hybrid Structures - Investigating the architectural potentialsof mycoremediation

Author(s): Claudio Colmno, Phil Ayers
Published in: eCAADe, 2020
Publisher: ECAD

Fungal sensing skin

Author(s): Andrew Adamatzky, Antoni Gandia, Alessandro Chiolerio
Published in: 2020
Publisher: arxiv

Fungal photosensor

Author(s): Alexander E. Beasley, Anna L. Powell and Andrew Adamatzky
Published in: arxiv, 2020
Publisher: arxiv

Capacitive storage in mycelium substrate.

Author(s): Beasley, Alexander E., Anna L. Powell, and Andrew Adamatzky.
Published in: 2020
Publisher: arxiv