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Collective intelligence to disrupt the knowledge management

Project description

Improving Teams' productivity with knowledge

ZAPIENS has a knowledge connector that helps employees to find answers to any question they may have during their working day. When the system doesn’t know the answer, it’s able to find someone in the company’s network to answer back. The loop finishes when additional users benefit from the previous flow getting direct answers to their similar questions without human interaction. Through such collaborative intelligence, humans, and AI actively enhance each other’s complementary strengths. As knowledge needs generally happen during work, ZAPIENS' knowledge connector could be included in the platforms where work itself is happening now or going to happen in the future: Slack, Microsoft TEAMS, SAP, and Salesforce, etc..


"While the second wave of the Internet development was about social networks and social economy, the third wave of the
Internet will be about Internet of Everything (data) and Knowledge.
Through the new market of the knowledge management (KM) -TAM of € 175 billion ($140) and growing-, organizations are
seeking to acquire or create potentially useful knowledge and to make it available to achieve maximum effective usage to
positively influence organizational performance. 80 percent of CEOs who are investing heavily in artificial intelligence also
publicly pledged to retain and retrain existing employees.
ZAPIENS is an Artificial Intelligence unit that, using Natural Language Processing, trains people, identifies talent, delivers
""people analytics"" and makes the process of gathering and sharing knowledge seamless. What ZAPIENS is doing is beyond
of the current state-of-the-art: we're testing the most advanced techniques and models in real-world data provided by our
customers together with the symbolic representations of knowledge and qualitative feedback they give. We're entering in
unexplored AI applications but the results we have today are very promising. We already have a fully functional version of
our training and peer-to-peer sharing information tool (TRL 8). But in terms of technological innovation (linked to the AI), our
stage of development is equal to TRL 7.
ZAPIENS has been growing sales from incorporation at 3x in annual basis. For 2018 we expect € 1 million in revenue (half
already secured), growing to € 24 million by 2021. This means that, three years after the inception of the H2020 phase-2,
ZAPIENS will have an aggregate of € 35+ millions in revenue. ZAPIENS can be the market leader because is the first mover.
We have the foundations to build a global game-changer company. Now, we need to speed-up our development and growth,
that's why we're asking for the SME Instrument support."

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Net EU contribution
€ 1 487 966,38
Calle de las estrellas 2 3d
33212 Gijon

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Noroeste Principado de Asturias Asturias
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 681 976,12