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Advanced Multistage Sequential Wastewater Treatment Technology

Project description

A new modulable system to treat wastewater

Wastewater treatment converts wastewater into a useful effluent that is safe and can be returned to the water-cycle for reuse. This means the concentration of pollutants need to be reduced but treatment comes at a high cost and involves an energy-intensive process. The EU-funded ANAERGY project has developed a novel modulable treatment system that integrates anaerobic, aerobic and advanced oxidation stages. The anaerobic digester, including patented PUREMUST® technology, can reach high pollutants’ elimination rates (up to 99 %) along with production of biogas (16 m3/h). According to the project, the industrial adoption of the ANAERGY system can result in major economic savings, while decreasing water pollution, increasing water reusability and boosting renewable energy share.


Enhancing of wastewater treatment technologies is a key goal of the EU to achieve sustainable and circular economy. Due to the required high investment and operational costs of current technologies, many industries find more economical to pay fines for direct discharges of polluted effluents than to treat them. Particularly, the heterogeneity and seasonality of the agro-food sector produce a broad variety of wastewater streams which claim for more efficient and customizable solutions to meet with increasingly stringent wastewater regulations.
Within this context, Ingeobras and Proycon have developed ANAERGY, a modulable wastewater treatment system that integrates for the first time: anaerobic, aerobic and advanced oxidation stages. The exclusive design of the anaerobic digester, including patented PUREMUST® technology, enable to reach high pollutants elimination rates (95-99%) and production of biogas (16 m3/m3). Also, its small size and flexibility allow reducing installation and operational costs, together with a tailored response to end-user´s requirements. Following their collaboration for 12 years, Ingeobras will manage technical upgrades, assembly, commercialization and installation, while Proycon will be in charge of manufacturing the digesters.
The adoption of ANAERGY by industries lead to major economic savings by eliminating wastewater discharge fees and reducing energy costs (biogas ≈80% energy needs). The benefits that ANAERGY will bring to the market will make the proposed project profitable with a ROI of 6.6 over 4 years and a payback period by the 1st quarter of the second year. Likewise, by improving current technology, ANAERGY will decrease water pollution, increase water reusability and strengthen renewable energy share. Together, these actions generate social, environmental and economic benefits for all society, contributing to overall well-being, water and food security, and sustainable development.

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