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Magnetic measurement with Absolute Single digit Micron Accuracy

Project description

Magnetic measurement accuracy reaches a single-digit micron

In additive manufacturing, robotics or metrology, getting precise and repeatable parts, movements or measurements requires very careful control of sensing heads and magnetic scales. The current trend is to move towards absolute magnetic measurement principles. With EU-funding of the MASMA project, BOGEN Electronic is addressing the lack of high-accuracy cost-effective absolute encoders on the market. They will convert existing absolute measurement solutions to modular encoders that will detect the absolute position of different scale patterns and increase their reading distances with new sensing technology and smart functions. The company targets accuracy down to a single-digit micron. The first products will be released in 2021.


Magnetic specialist BOGEN Electronic GmbH (Germany) is recognized internationally as leading magnetic measurement solution supplier. The company offers highly accurate magnetic incremental encoders and also absolute encoders with medium accuracy. The position measurement and motion control customers are shifting from incremental to absolute measurement principle, but there is no cost-effective highly accurate product available on the market. BOGEN has identified a big market for absolute magnetic measurement with an accuracy between one and better than ten micron and calls this accuracy class single digit micron or short single micron. Potential customers designing robots, machining, printing, metrology products request further reading distances, greater design flexibility, smaller product sizes, easy installation, different protocols for different control architectures from leading PLC companies worldwide. To extend BOGEN's market position to these fast-growing markets, the project objective is to enhance the existing absolute measurement solutions to a Magnetic measurement with Absolute Single Micron Accuracy (MASMA). BOGEN will convert the existing absolute solutions to a modular encoder solution that will detect the position of different absolute scale patterns (e.g. Pseudo random code or Nonius), increase reading distances with a shift to new sensing technology and augment this with smart functions, e.g. using external correction factors. The products will be available at the latest six months past project. Within the scope of this project, BOGEN will furthermore create a chip-based solution for high-volume markets. BOGEN’s innovative, digitally driven scale writing process will enable production of the linear and rotary scales needed with different highly accurate magnetic patterns for absolute scales. Subcontractors will accelerate the switch to new MR technologies and improved scale materials and writing process.

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