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REcreating the ideal Niche: environmental control Of cell Identity in Regenerating and diseased muscles


Facebook page linked to the Website

A Facebook page linked to the Website will allow ESRs to interact more informally

RENOIR website, (intranet and public access)

A Website will be developed for the network and maintained by the Coordinator.It will be composed of 2 main sections: 1) an intranet area, accessible only to members RENOIR, used for internal communication within the network, as repository of unpublished scientific material and a discussion forum for ESR; 2) a public area that will contain information related to: research/training activities, including a section dedicated to the broad public, list and agenda of meetings, workshops, seminars and local PhD programmes, protocols employed within the network, links to press releases, links to OA data of RENOIR, link to relevant scientific and non-scientific Webpages, including the partner organization PPO and other patients organizations. A monthly newsletter will be published and sent upon subscription.

Public advertisement of the RENOIR ESR open positions

The RB will ensure wide distribution of the advertisement at both national and international levels, including publication on Euraxess (, EMBO, RENOIR and the beneficiaries’ websites, and through mailing lists based on the scientific collaborations of colleagues within the participant institutions

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