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RIver flow regulation, fish BEhaviour and Status


Report on Conference Session C1

Report on Conference Session C1

Methods on Fish Management Solutions

Methods on Fish Management SolutionsLiterature review on efficiency of rehabilitative measures to ameliorate fish passage at anthropogenic barriers including fish species with diverse locomotory mode body morphology and lifehistory strategyPreliminary scientific reports on Material Methods to be used by ESRsUGENT Field campaigns in anthropogenicallyimpacted rivers using acousticallytagged fish to reveal threats for downstream migrating species including passage through hydropower turbinesNOAB Field surveys to assess the efficiency of fishpass solutions for downstream migrating speciesPOLITOUNIPD In silico analysis CFD and field surveys to assess fish stress along existing fish pass devices

Supervisory Board formalized

Supervisory Board formalized

Methods on Fish Tools and Technologies

Methods on Fish Tools and TechnologiesLiterature review on existing tools for detailed fish survey in rivers and data analysis with particular regards to fish tracking techniques sensors and telemetry modelling of fish trajectories and routesPreliminary scientific reports on Material Methods to be used by ESRsSJEFVT Field survey to assess current visual and telemetrybased methodologies applied for tracking fish passage at river infrastructures and fish migration routes TUTSOTON Development of algorithms and prototypes based on visual acoustic and pressure sensor arrays to enhance automatic tracking of fish motion

Methods on Fish Hydrodynamics

Methods on Fish HydrodynamicsLiterature review oni key flow patterns dragforming mechanisms and propulsion strategies both in controlled conditions and in natural environments ii parameterized locomotor dynamics that maximize swimming performance and assess potential implications for fish bioenergetics iii fish biomechanical properties entering scaling analysis in physical modelling iv key parameters for designing fish passage adapted to the needs of smallsized migratory speciesPreliminary scientific reports on Material Methods to be used by ESRsUNIABDNUNIPD Experimental apparatus for simultaneous measurements of both fish movements and 3D velocity fields metrical parameters to describe flowfish interactionsIGBUNIPDPOLITO Field research observation of swimming mechanics of fish in natural streams similarity principles to link laboratory experiments and fieldbased studies

Methods on Fish Stress and Behaviour

Methods on Fish Stress and BehaviourLiterature review oni multimodal signals driving favorable fish decisionmaking process behavioural responseii to what extent stimuli can result in energy costs for fish migration or have detrimental effects on fish health physiological responseiii the impact of anthropogenic alterations on fish communities to evaluate river habitat restoration measuresPreliminary scientific reports on Material Methods to be used by ESRsSOTONIGB Experimental apparatus including outdoor facility operating with visualacoustic sensors and aquaria equipped with lighting system to observe fishbehaviour IGBUNIPD Biomarkerbased procedure to measure fish physiological alterations and cell or DNA damage KAU Field survey on hydromorphological and ecological features of representative streams to identify pristine fish habitat conditions

Publication of the Network website

Publication of the Network website Restricted access to part of the website is foreseen

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