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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Advanced Multimedia Integrated Environment


The goal of the AMIE project is to research, develop and demonstrate, an advanced environment for co-operative and distributed multimedia applications which are integrated into an enterprise wide information technology system. This requires the development and integration of a diverse range of innovative computing and communications systems technologies including Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networking, wireless radio communications, multimedia data capture and delivery, advanced storage and process servers, handwriting recognition and portable tablet computing devices.

AMIE will be demonstrated in a practical application for health care where user requirements for mobility and co-operative work with shared multimedia data can be identified and fulfilled. Part of the AMIE project will involve the development of an application which will demonstrate the capability of the system to capture and present multimedia data that can be shared by a number of users.

AMIE has a number of strategically important missions. These relate to the migration of personal computing away from the desk top and towards personal mobile devices. Firstly these devices must be incorporated within an enterprise wireless network in order that information may be stored and exchanged with other users. Secondly, these devices will require support from remote data repositories and processes because it is impractical for portability and security reasons to carry everything required within the device. Thirdly, these devices will possess new attributes because of their mobility and degree of personalisation. They will double as location, access control and communication devices. The AMIE project will address these issues and develop ideas into solutions which can demonstrate the full potential of personal mobile computing.

Results from the AMIE project are all immediately applicable within the individual partners product portfolios and the partners expect to introduce new features and standards resulting from this project. More importantly the project provides all of the partners with a scenario for enterprise-wide computing, within which they will identify new opportunities for system products.

The choice of the health care arena for the demonstration and testing of the system is indicative of the importance that the project partners place upon this sector as being right for further growth in integrated systems installations and applications and one in which current technologies and product offering do not yet meet the users' needs.


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