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Inspection Drones for Ensuring Safety in Transport Infrastructures


Data Management Plan

Report on the data management plan that includes information on the type of data that will be generated T15

Specification of harvester system

Requirements are analyzed with regard to the implementation of the harvester and documented in the specification and measurable targets are determined T31

Regulatory Gap/Barriers Analysis (initial)

This deliverable will collect and present the outcome of the regulatory analysis and identification of potential gaps and issues in the proposed technologies to be used as input for guiding the development of the technical WPs and to support the Request of Authorization andor Permission by the competent National Civil Aviation Authorities in the countries in which the flights will be carried out T21

Specification of the multi-drone swarm system including test and validation aspects

Report documenting the drone swarm system specifications and its communication interfaces T51

Preliminary Hazard Analysis

This deliverable will present all the hazards identified for the drone swarmbased missions including recharging from cables using SORA guidelines T21

Multi-drone system threat analysis and specification of the security system design

Security analysis and specification of the security design for the drone swarm system T55

Use-case Document

This deliverable will provide a story of how the D4S system and its actors will be utilised to achieve the project specific goals It will provide a detailed stepbystep description of how the D4S system will be used by its actors to achieve the planned outcome providing normal flow and also alternative flows pre and postconditions and possible exceptions T24

Specification of the Drone Inspection as a Service platform

Report detailing the design and specification of the Drone Inspection as a Service software platform T61

Project Website

This deliverable will include the first release of the Project Website that constitute the main public interface to the project T81

Platform implementation with modules for planning, monitoring, and control

Prototype software system consisting of cloud and modules for the drone operating system T62 T63 T64

D4S Project start-up package

Project Handbook placed at the D4S internal software repository. It includes reporting templates, timelines, mailing list ect. (T1.2)

Implementation of the platform with data flow and visualization modules

Extended prototype software system including modules for data flow and visualization T65

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