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Multiple-use-of Space for Island Clean Autonomy

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - MUSICA (Multiple-use-of Space for Island Clean Autonomy)

Reporting period: 2020-01-01 to 2021-06-30

The overall Aim of MUSICA is to accelerate the roadmap to commercialisation of its Multi-Use Platform (MUP) and Multi-use of Space (MUS) combination for the small island market, and de-risk for future operators and investors, by validation to TRL7 and providing real plans to move to mass market commercialisation. The MUSICA solution will be a decarbonising one-stop shop for small islands, including their marine initiatives (Blue Growth) and ecosystems.
MUSICA project has six main objectives:
Objective 1: Develop the pilot demonstrator of the MUSICA MUP solution, and install on site at Inousses Island to test & demonstrate the validity of the MUP in a real operating environment to TRL7.
Objective 2: Demonstrate, test and validate the MUSICA MUP solution covering functional and non-functional readiness, cost reduction, shared expenditure and increased economic, environmental and social viability and value add.
Objective 3: Support economically viable replication of the MUSICA smart MUP solution through Exploitation and Sustainability Plans for commercialisation and continuation beyond the project end.
Objective 4: Address environmental, regulatory, legal and data requirements.
Objective 5: Implement health and safety (H&S) plans, and improve professional skills through training
Objective 6: Maximise the societal acceptance and use of MUSICA MUP based RES, water supply and aquaculture support service by the islanders by embedding the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). This will achieve full inclusive engagement with the quadruple helix (QH), being the islands citizens and society, industry, research and government.
Objective 1: In the first period of MUSICA (P1), most of the prefeasibility studies have been completed, with remaining well on their way for full completion by December 2021, which is the end of the design phase. The studies include technoeconomic assessment, resource assessment, site selection using weighted matrix, designs for the MUP and all technologies, both preliminary and final designs. The first phase also completed the first designs for all the electrical componentry and grid connection requirements. Finally, procurement process has started for some of the technologies, in particular the high-pressure storage vessels.
Objective 2: Demonstrate, test, and validate the MUSICA MUP solution: This objective will start in P2 and continue into P3 and P4
Objective 3: Support economically viable replication of the MUSICA smart MUP solution: The main effort to achieve this Objective will be in P2. In P1, prelimary techno economic studies were performed using Homer software to advise the project on optimal design configurations of the technologies. P1 also conducted crucial cost quotations for the project technology componentry spending considerable effort to get the most economical prices considering project budget constraints. Finally, P1 saw the beginning of exploring project options for exploitation both within the project and post projects, exploring non for-profit spinout company, as well as starting the negotiation process for intellectual property and licensing agreements with all relevant technology holders.
Objective 4: Address environmental, regulatory, legal and data requirements. P1 started the essential process of environmental studies and consultation with environmental and regulatory agencies for required studies and permits for both environmental and electrical requirements. P1 also saw the initiation of the data management committee which will come into full operation in P2 as data is accumulated.
Objective 5: Implement health and safety (H&S) plans and improve professional skills through training. P1 completed the deliverable on health and safety planning for the project, and the commencement of the current process to complete the H&S safety manual and operations manual.
Objective 6: Maximise the societal acceptance and use of MUSICA MUP: P1 successfully completed the first public engagement event. The event was held in October 2020 in the island of new sis or home stakeholders tended but information and consultation meeting and survey gathering. P1 completed the plans for engagement for P2.
1. Multi-use platforms (MUP) for island autonomy in energy:
MUSICA will design and trial the first pilot demonstration of a MUP that will provide both electricity and water for an island of up to 2000 people. The MUP will contain multiple innovations to integrate all of the required technologies to work together both technically and importantly economically. The MUP solution will provide the Islanders of Oinousses with reliable electricity and water for the first time, and it is hoped that the MUP solution will be adopted by many other small islands globally.
2. Complete MUP based smart integrated ICT for small island: The main MUP innovation that enables the combines technologies to work together is the integrated ICT solution , consisting of innovative energy management systems (ESM), demand side management systems on the island (DSM) and a complete array of SCADA.
3. MUP desalination for island water autonomy: MUP renewable energy electricity will power green desalinated water provided to the island and demonstrate true economically viable desalination for small islands. The EMS will optimally control the dissemination production to work In Sync with electricity production for the island.
4. MUP based energy storage solutions for islands: MUSICA MUP will trial critical new innovative storage solutions to enable MUP to economically and viably provide reliable electricity and water for the island. Musical will trial Hydro-pneumatic energy storage, to complement the traditional battery storage.
5. Wave energy in MUP: MUSICA MUP will integrate wave energy with wind and solar energy to provide a truly innovative and complementary energy mix. The wave energy innovation trialed is fixed point absorber.
6. Aquaculture in Multiple use of Space: MUSICA fulfills the Blue Growth goal of combining renewable energy with aquaculture innovations to provide true multiple use of space. music will be trialing the latest innovative offshore aquaculture cages and trailing service solutions to enable offshore operations.